Over a period of months, Ryan represented my son to the highest legal standards and effectiveness. There were consequences as there should be for such an offense. Our greatest fear as parents was that some night he would kill an innocent person while driving intoxicated; our second greatest fear was that he would kill himself. Ryan got our son involved in an alcohol treatment program (that worked) and had him monitored for six months three times a day with a breath analyzer as part of his defense to offer evidence to the court that this person had turned his life around. — John G

3rd Degree DWI in MN

A Third Degree DWI is a more serious DWI than your typical first-time DWI.  You face up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine, having your driver’s license revoked for 180 days (or 1 year if you refused) and having whiskey plates put on all of your vehicles.  How do I get a 3rd […]

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