Over a period of months, Ryan represented my son to the highest legal standards and effectiveness. There were consequences as there should be for such an offense. Our greatest fear as parents was that some night he would kill an innocent person while driving intoxicated; our second greatest fear was that he would kill himself. Ryan got our son involved in an alcohol treatment program (that worked) and had him monitored for six months three times a day with a breath analyzer as part of his defense to offer evidence to the court that this person had turned his life around. — John G

Implied Consent: What Happens to Your Driver’s License After a DWI

Did you know that there are two sides of a DWI in Minnesota (and most other states)? Minnesota law provides that whoever drives on a Minnesota road gives “implied consent” for their blood alcohol level to be tested by the police if they have probable cause to believe that you are over the .08 limit […]

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