Paralegal Misty Bebeau assisted lawyers in criminal trials in both state and federal court. She brings big firm experience to go along with her small town roots. Misty assists attorneys Derek Hansen on DWI, implied consents, forfeitures and additional criminal cases. Misty is also our federal case paralegal. She is responsible for assuring that clients have a copy of all of the evidence in their case as well as court scheduling. She guides clients through the driver’s license revocation process, including how to get their license back. She also manages the firm’s billing and paralegal training.

Misty enjoys helping families in emergency situations, such as getting bail set so a new arrestee can get out of jail and keep their job. She enjoys the relationships that she has developed over the years with court and prosecution staff, who she frequently interacts with to obtain evidence, information and court dates that work for our clients. Her experience goes a long way in helping our clients understand the court process and what is to come as the case moves forward. She takes pride on sewing up any loose ends after a case is complete to make sure that our clients’ lives can return to normal.


Ryan was there for us. If we called he answered and kept us up to date on things. Ryan used his private investigator to conduct an investigation into the allegations. Within 5 weeks Ryan called to tell us that it was over and that he convinced the detective not to charge my son with rape. Thank you very much Ryan and his group. — T.R.

State v. S.W.

County: Goodhue (4/2012) Charges: Five Counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct Trial Type: Jury Trial Outcome: NOT GUILTY on all counts. The State alleged S.W. committed five acts of criminal sexual conduct against three inmates of the Red Wing prison while S.W. was a correctional officer there. After 2 1/2 weeks of trial, the jury deliberated […]

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