Defending Minnesota Clients Against Fourth-Degree DWI Charges

There is a first time for everything. In the event of a fourth-degree DWI charge, this means it is your first DWI. While this is not a time to celebrate, it also is not a time to give up hope.

Just because you are charged with DWI does not mean you will be convicted.

At LawHero, located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, we know how to help first-time DUI offenders. We have helped hundreds of people with all aspects of their DWI charges, and have been successful in many of them. Let us use our experience to help you.

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There are two sides to a DWI charge: the criminal and the administrative. Criminal consequences of a fourth-degree DWI offense include up to 90 days in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. Administrative consequences involve the loss of your driving privileges for up to 90 days. There are separate hearings for each side.

  • Administrative hearing: All issues regarding your driver’s license take place in an administrative hearing before the Department of Public Safety. You have a limited amount of time following your charges to challenge any revocation or suspension of your license. We know the time constraints and the best way to approach these hearings.
  • Criminal hearing: The criminal aspects of your DWI charges will occur in criminal court. We will stand by you throughout the process, working at all times to get your charges dismissed or reduced. We will advise you of your best defense options and your likelihood of success for each so you can decide which course of action you want to take.

One Bad Judgment Call Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person

Most people who face their first DWI offense become bogged down with guilt and regret. They start to question their ability to know themselves and their own worth.

Repeat after us: One mistake does not make me a bad person.

And one mistake need not ruin your future. Yes, Minnesota’s DWI laws are strict, and consequences are harsh. But with a seasoned criminal defense attorney by your side, you will have the best chance at avoiding conviction and keeping your driving privileges.

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I presume there are several defense attorneys in town who could have represented our son well enough against a DWI charge. I know from first hand experience that Ryan Pacyga is a rare find and a true professional who combines his legal experience and expertise along with human compassion to do what’s right for BOTH the person he represents and the society in which we all live. — John G

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