Minnesota Expungement Lawyers: Seal Your Criminal Record

A criminal record can make it difficult to get a job, a place to live, a loan — or even a date. It can limit your options in many ways.

Minnesota law now provides a better process for expungement of criminal records. We may now be able to expunge (seal) your criminal record even if a previous request for expungement was denied.

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An Arrested MN attorney is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can explain the expungement law and let you know whether your criminal record can be expunged.

Not all offenses eligible for expungement. Most non-violent crimes and some low-level felonies can be expunged. To qualify for expungement, you must have remained law abiding, without any new offenses on your record, for a period of between one and five years, depending on the original offense.

What Has Changed?

Now all juvenile and adult records related to the arrest, booking, charges and conviction can be sealed for eligible offenses.

Prior to January 1, 2015, expungement was available in Minnesota, but the process did not seal all sources of criminal records. Judges could not order executive agencies like the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to seal their records. The BCA is the source of information for most employment and housing background checks. The new law allows these records to be sealed.

There is no better time to request an expungement of your criminal record. Since the Second Chance Expungement law went into effect, nearly half the people who have contacted Arrested MN regarding expungement of their criminal records had applied for expungement in the past and been denied.

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Do not let your criminal record hold you back. Call Arrested MN today at 612.339.5844 or contact us by email. Expungement is now more available and effective than ever, but it is a complicated process. Let our experienced criminal defense lawyers help you seal your criminal record and move forward with your life.

Arrested MN attorneys represent clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota. We also represent clients who live outside of the state clear their Minnesota criminal record.

My son was being investigated for rape (criminal sexual conduct). We called Ryan Pacyga right away and told him what we needed help with. Ryan was on the phone asap and started to help my son as soon as we got off the phone. Ryan stopped the police and the detective from going after him. Ryan met with us the next day and he got all of the information from my son on what went on. Ryan was very much up front on what could happen to him. Also, he did not hold anything back as for as what he can be charge with. He was honest and direct. It was scary for all of us. Ryan was there for us. If we called he answered and kept us up to date on things. Ryan used his private investigator to conduct an investigation into the allegations. Within 5 weeks Ryan called to tell us that it was over and that he convinced the detective not to charge my son with rape. Thank you very much Ryan and his group. — T.R.

State v. Harwig

County: Ramsey (2/2011) Charges: Aiding & Abetting 2nd Degree Murder, Ineligible Person in Possession of Firearm Trial Type: Three-Week Jury Trial Outcome: jury unanimously found Mr. Hartwig NOT GUILTY on all charges. Click here to read the Minneapolis Star Tribune article: StarTribune Not Guilty trial Click here to see Mr. Hartwig talk about Ryan Pacyga’s […]

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