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It is common for words of anger to be made out to be more than they are—especially when it comes to threats of violence charges. If your words are being used against you to support a felony charge for making threats of violence, you need to act quickly to obtain a defense attorney who has the experience and knowledge to tackle even the most complex cases.

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Our legal team at Ryan Pacyga has years of experience defending against all variety of criminal cases, including cases involving sensitive subjects and nuanced law. We know how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, how to hold the prosecution to its required standards and how to perform our own investigations to create a rock-solid defense. And we have a slate of case successes to prove it.

The Three Forms of Threats of Violence

Minnesota law, under statute 609.713, makes it a felony to threaten violence upon another person or group of people. Specifically, it makes it illegal for someone to make indirect or direct threats to commit a crime of violence:

  • With the purpose of causing terror in another person
  • With the purpose of causing evacuation of a building, please of assembly, vehicle, public transportation facility, etc.
  • With reckless disregard of the risk of causing terror or evacuation

A conviction for threats of violence will result in up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000. As terroristic threats are a crime of violence, you also face the following consequences upon conviction:

  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Loss of the right to carry a firearm
  • Supervised probation
  • Orders for protection

Speak to your lawyer immediately to start creating a defense that will allow you eliminate or minimize these consequences.

How to Choose the Right Defense Attorney

When looking for an attorney to defend you, ensure you find one who is committed to protecting your rights, your reputation and your record. Find someone who will stand by your side at all times, educating you on all steps in the process and of all of your options for moving forward. Find someone who is truly invested in you and your future.

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The entire time Ryan and his staff was always keeping me up to date and keeping me informed which was a HUGE difference from my last experience. He took the time to explain how the justice process was going to work, and watching him and listening to him in court is something to see. — J.P.

State v. J.H.

County: Goodhue (2012) Charges: Terroristic Threats, 2nd Degree Assault, and Domestic Assault Hearing Type: Negotiation Outcome: The State charged J.H. with Terroristic Threats, 2nd Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and Domestic Assault. Ryan Pacyga negotiated a Stay of Adjudication on the Terroristic Threats charge with no jail, 40 hours of community service, and the […]

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