Drug Crimes

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Drug and controlled substance charges can find their way into anyone’s life – it can be as simple as a mistake at a party or something you didn’t know was in your car. Minneapolis drug crimes attorney Ryan Pacyga and his staff will work with you to understand the details specific to your case so that we can put you in the best possible situation – and fast.

Five Things You Need to Know About ANY Drug Crime Case NOW

  • In Minnesota, drugs are called a “controlled substance.” There are five degrees of controlled substances. Other than marijuana, if you possess or sell even a trace amount of an illegal controlled substance, you will be charged with a FELONY. This means that even if there is residue in a pipe or in a baggie, you will be charged with a felony.
  • There are many defenses available in drug crime cases, depending on the facts of your case. A skilled drug crime defense attorney knows how to raise and use the defenses in order to get your case dismissed, lower the charges, win at trial, or to get you the best outcome available in your case.
  • Our defense attorneys know how to challenge search warrants in an effort to get your case dismissed or the evidence thrown out, including challenging whether the police had a right to get a search warrant, whether the search warrant was properly issued by the judge, and challenging whether the police went beyond the scope of the search warrant.
  • Other common defenses to drug crime charges include challenging the makeup and/or weight of the drug/controlled substance, challenging the information an informant allegedly gave about you, challenging whether you knowingly possessed a controlled substance or whether you were in “constructive” possession, and challenging the amount of drugs/controlled substances you allegedly sold.
  • Lastly, a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney is aware of the programs that vary from county to county, such as the De Novo program, drug court, a 152.18 stay of adjudication, a continuance for dismissal, a stay of imposition, and drug counseling and treatment programs. Depending on your circumstances, these can be used to avoid putting a crime on your record, to avoid having a permanent felony on your record, and to avoid jail or prison.

Why We’re the Right Drug Crime Lawyers for You

If you have been struggling with addiction, we want to help you not only in the courtroom, but beyond the courtroom. We know that addiction is a disease and that most people that get hooked on drugs are good people that have turned to chemicals to deal with emotional issues. We pride ourselves on looking at the big picture, so you end up in a better place than you are now. As leading Minneapolis drug crime attorneys, we not only understand the legal system you’re up against, but the key players in that legal system: judges, prosecutors, local law enforcement agencies and the law itself. Our criminal defense firm helps you navigate the confusing legal landscape and become your advocate in a legal system that tries its best to keep you down. In addition, we are resourceful and creative in finding ways to help your addiction. This can help turn your life around and also will help the way a judge and prosecutor view your case.

Don’t Delay: Contact the Leading Minneapolis Drug Defense Attorneys at Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense

The law doesn’t sleep – our defense attorneys are here 24-hours a day to take your call. Call 612-339-5844 for your free legal consultation so we can hear your side, gather the facts and help you on your way to the most favorable outcome possible. Don’t trust your case to an inexperienced drug attorney – Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense has the expertise you need. Our law firm defends both state and federal drug cases, including conspiracies. Our law firm’s goal is to provide you with a skilled team of attorneys to help you in your time of need, no matter what system your case is in.

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