Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense

Where Are You Located?

Our office is located in downtown Minneapolis, near the Hennepin County Courthouse and the Federal Courthouse. Our address is 333 South 7th St., Suite 2850, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Any attorney who has a law degree and who has passed the bar exam can represent you in Minnesota. However, we believe you should consider other qualities and attributes when hiring a lawyer.

  • Experience in criminal defense. Seek out a lawyer who dedicates a substantial portion of his or her practice to defending clients charged with criminal offenses.
  • We believe it is important that the attorney you hire to represent you have a record of success in cases similar to your own.
  • Trial experience and success. The attorney you hire should have the ability to go all the way to trial, even if your case does not ultimately end up in front of a jury. Our reputation for success at trial helps us negotiate attractive plea arrangements for our clients.
  • Select a law firm where you are treated as a respected client, not a criminal. It is important to find a lawyer who understands that bad things happen to good people and that anyone can find himself or herself wrongfully accused of a crime.
  • Find a lawyer who will take the time to explain the charges against you, the steps in the legal process and how he or she will resolve your problem. Your lawyer should speak to you in plain English, not legal jargon.
  • Look for a lawyer who cares about you and sees you as a person, not just as a legal problem to solve. Find someone you connect with and who puts you at ease.

Why Hire Arrested MN?

There are many reasons to hire our firm. Foremost include:

  • We are trial attorneys who know what it takes to prepare a case for trial and win.
  • We defend clients in state and federal court.
  • We have the resources to take on large, complex cases without becoming overwhelmed.
  • We care about our clients and are committed to helping them improve their lives both in and out of court.

What Are My Chances Of Success?

Every case is unique and no attorney can promise a positive result. The outcome of your case will be based on the law, facts and the skill of your legal team.

How Much Will It Cost?

Fees vary from one law firm to another depending on the attorney's level of experience and the complexity of the case. The firm with the lowest fees may not always be the best value. Consider what you are getting for your investment. We will be happy to discuss fees after learning the specifics of your legal issue. Please call us at 612.339.5844.

Should I Defend Myself?