STATE V. A.M. -1

County: Hennepin (6/2011)
Charges: 5th Degree Controlled Substance (Marijuana)
Outcome: The State charged A.M. with possessing over 100 grams of Marijuana, along with several digital scales and packages. Ryan Pacyga argued that A.M. should be released without bail. The State objected and asked the judge to set bail. The judge agreed with Mr. Pacyga and released A.M. without bail. Ryan Pacyga then negotiated a settlement for a Stay of Adjudication, even though his client had a prior criminal record. The judge agreed with a Stay of Adjudication, so A.M. will NEVER have a criminal record as long as he complies with probation for 1 year. Also, A.M. avoided having to do any jail time, home monitoring, or STS.