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Attorney Endorsements

Ryan M. Pacyga Endorsements

“Mr. Pacyga is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota. It is a pleasure to endorse him. His clients can count on top-notch legal service and a wealth of knowledge based on years of experience. I have referred multiple potential clients to his office for complex cases and will continue to do so.”

Heather Kennedy-Bordeaux, criminal defense attorney

“Ryan is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota. His ability to connect with all clients, from all walks of life, knowledge of the law, and his ability to fight as hard as he can for his clients to achieve the best possible result is truly unparalleled. I would recommend Ryan to anyone that has any criminal need. Rest assured, you will be in great hands!”

Anthony Bussa, criminal defense attorney

“I have referred many clients to Ryan over the years, and his paralegal previously worked with me, so I have an inside perspective on Ryan’s professionalism and strengths. Ryan is immensely skilled and knowledgeable in criminal defense. Ryan brings 110% effort, with full engagement to achieve success for his clients. Ryan has a reputation for being one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota. I have the highest regard for Ryan and no hesitation recommending him to others.”

Aaron Hall, business attorney

“Top-notch lawyer. Highly respected in the legal community.”

David Holt, health care attorney

“I endorse Ryan. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”

Michael Waddington, military law attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Samuel Edmunds, DUI and DWI attorney

“Ryan is a skilled defense attorney. I have seen him in action and would be happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Steven Coodin, DUI and DWI attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Ryan is a true rising star. He takes on the tough cases, sinks his teeth into them and doesn’t let go until he’s won. Prosecutors can’t be happy when he walks in the courtroom.”

Charles Ramsay, DUI and DWI attorney

Marie C. Pacyga Endorsements

“Marie is a very knowledgeable and tenacious attorney who fights for her clients’ rights. I highly recommend her services in all criminal defense matters.”

Thomas Leavitt, criminal defense attorney