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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Ryan M. Pacyga Testimonials:

The Pacyga’s were highly recommended from a colleague and now we would like to highly recommend them for any matter you may have. While for us, the incident was the most traumatic event our family has ever experienced. After our initial consultation with Ryan and Marie, we knew they would be a perfect fit for my son’s case. Right away, they treated my son, as if he were part of their family. They both were beyond professional, thorough, and genuine. They were responsive to all our emails and calls, spoke directly to my son, never once did we feel rushed and Marie would explain each step through the legal proceedings. While the five-month process seemed like an eternity in our shoes, the Pacyga’s provided us continuous updates, which eased our minds during this stressful time. Days prior to the schedule hearing, the Pacyga’s could not have been more engaging, encouraging, and all-around legal experts.
Thank you again!


“Ryan was referred to us by a friend of our sons. We had never needed a lawyer before so we really had no idea who to go with or where to even start. We called his office and were immediately given great advice; we felt no need to call anyone else. Ryan helped our son get one of the best outcomes he could have possibly gotten. We were very pleased, and would definitely recommend him.”


“I was charged with a Felony along with several other Charges due to poor police work and little care by the government. I knew I needed someone that could represent me in court and show that I did nothing wrong. That is exactly what Ryan did, He fought for my rights and proved that I did not commit any Felony. If it was not for Ryan I would not be able to write this review. My Experience started almost a year before the trial when I first hired Ryan and the first thing he told me was the truth that this is going to be a long process and he will be with me all the way to the end and will not take any unfair plea agreements & that is exactly what he did. He kept me up to date on all happenings & helped me though the entire processes. Him & his team where always willing to answer any questions I had on the Legal process. From Start to finish I felt like my case mattered. There where no Hidden Fees He asked for one payment and regardless of how long it took that is all I would pay and this was true, After I paid the initial fee another Dime was not requested, I think this is a fair practice and wish more people handled business this way. At the end of the day my Felony Charge was dismissed and I only convicted of a misdemeanor which for me was an outcome that I was extremely happy with I was able to continue my life without any problems thanks to Ryan & His team. I would recommend Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense When it comes to Defending your Constitutional Rights.”


“I cannot recommend Ryan highly enough – – and I have worked with many attorneys in my various businesses for over 40 years.”


“The entire time Ryan and his staff was always keeping me up to date and keeping me informed which was a HUGE difference from my last experience. He took the time to explain how the justice process was going to work, and watching him and listening to him in court is something to see.”


“I consider him one of the most honest lawyers, and one of the best legal minds I have ever dealt with, which spans over three decades. A great and honorable attorney!”

A Satisfied Client

“Ryan helped our son resolve legal issues which helped turn his life around. He is very knowledgeable, readily available and very caring. We highly recommend his services. You are hiring a lawyer who is true advocate for favorable justice for his clients.”

Kasia M.

“I know Ryan from having worked on a case with him years ago. He was professional, prepared, and very comfortable in a courtroom. I was definitely impressed. Since then, I have referred friends and clients to him, and he devotes his personal attention to their matters. I know they are in good hands. That is why I feel confident in making referrals to Ryan Pacyga.”


“I was facing a very traumatic situation that would end my life as I know it. Several acquaintances told me that Ryan is considered one of the top trial attorneys nationwide in the US. His expertise was certainly proven by clearing me of all charges through a very rare US Federal Court motion for judgement of acquittal. I was informed by other codefendant attorneys just how rare an acquittal really is.

It goes without saying that I cannot recommend Ryan enough for those who are facing a potentially life-ending legal situation. This doesn’t go without commending his staff of real professionals who were behind the scences diligently providing support.”


“Ryan and his team are true professionals. When your lost in the jungle that is our legal system, they should be your fist call. While keeping me completely informed on every aspect of my case Ryans team by far over reached the client/attorney relationship by actually caring about what you are going through. Knowledgeable, strong, and caring is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how hard he will work for you and your rights. Dont even think twice when considering his firm, just call.”


“I made a big mistake one night, had way too much to drink and found myself charged with felony assault. I didn’t know where to turn. I heard Ryan on the radio. He sounded so professional and knowledgeable. I called his office and spoke to him, he put me at ease and long story short, and we were able to get it down to a misdemeanor. Ryan made the process so much less stressful for me and my family. Thank you Ryan. And Amber, his assistant was so wonderful. She always made me feel as if I were their only client, Thanks Amber!”


“My son was being investigated for rape (criminal sexual conduct). We called Ryan Pacyga right away and told him what we needed help with. Ryan was on the phone asap and started to help my son as soon as we got off the phone. Ryan stopped the police and the detective from going after him. Ryan met with us the next day and he got all of the information from my son on what went on. Ryan was very much up front on what could happen to him. Also, he did not hold anything back as for as what he can be charge with. He was honest and direct. It was scary for all of us. Ryan was there for us. If we called he answered and kept us up to date on things. Ryan used his private investigator to conduct an investigation into the allegations. Within 5 weeks Ryan called to tell us that it was over and that he convinced the detective not to charge my son with rape. Thank you very much Ryan and his group.”


“I was arrested this in Sept. 2010 for a fourth degree DWI, my first offense, and had no clue what to do. I read a lot of comments online saying that your first offense was no big deal and that you should just pay the fine and get it over with, but that was not an option for me seeing as my employment was directly related to my ability to drive for my company at the time. Had I just paid the fine and gotten it over with I would have lost thousands of dollars and a promotion I was supposed to get. So what did I do? I began looking through the piles of letters I was getting from what seemed like every small town lawyer that could afford the postage. I ended up settling with a friend’s uncle who had been practicing law for a VERY long time.”


“Being well represented legally is one thing; having a compassionate and thoughtful attorney COMBINED with good representation is rare and hard to find — but that is exactly what you will get with Ryan Pacyga representing you — the total package.

My son (40 years old) has suffered from a long addiction with alcohol having been born with FAS and was recently picked up for DWI with a count of .22. Given the circumstances, we weren’t seeking an attorney to get him off of the charges which wasn’t going to happen given the evidence. We were seeking an attorney who could help our son deal with the downward spiral of his life. Ryan did just that.”

John G.

Marie C. Pacyga Testimonials:

“I had an outstanding experience working with Marie Pacyga and the exceptional team at Pacyga Criminal Defense. When I approached them with two felony DWI charges stemming from a golf cart accident at my cabin, I was deeply concerned about the potential impact on my life. However, Marie’s guidance throughout the process was truly invaluable. She provided me with honest assessments of the best and worst-case scenarios for my case, ensuring I had a clear understanding of the situation at hand. Marie never rushed the process. Instead she meticulously explored every possible option to achieve the best possible outcome. Thanks to her dedication and expertise, I received a minimal DWI conviction without any jail time or excessive probation requirements. I promptly settled my fine and regained my driving privileges. Marie’s exceptional service and communication skills throughout the process were best in class.

I am immensely grateful to the Pacyga Law team for their unwavering support and for helping me navigate through a challenging time. They truly went above and beyond to ensure that a good person who made a mistake received a favorable outcome in their case.”


“Marie, Thank you so much! You don’t know how much this means to me. I will be forever grateful. If it wasn’t for your kindness and willingness to take my case pro bono, this could have completely destroyed not only my career but everything in my life. You are an amazing woman, person, and attorney!”


“Thank you very much Marie, I really appreciate the service that you have provided for me.”


“I never really had the chance to express my gratitude for representing me throughout this since you were busy that day in court, but I really appreciate what you did for Ester and I. It was outstanding professional performance that exceeded my expectations. I don’t believe we could have had better representation.”


“From start to finish I couldn’t have asked for more. The fact they called me back right away when I was in a bad situation, and contacted my loved ones to put them at ease set the town. Marie communicated thru out the process, and gave me options of where to go. I would hire her anytime! Thanks for helping me.”


“After being charged with DWI, I was thoroughly confused and scared. I contacted Arrested MN and was put in touch with Marie. From the beginning, I knew that I was in the right hands. Marie is extremely responsive to my questions and concerns and has been a huge help through a difficult time. She explains things in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. As a first time offender, I think a good attorney needs to assist in the process as well as defend their client – Marie is doing a fantastic job of both. I will absolutely recommend Marie to friends and family if the need for an attorney arises.”


“My family reached out to Marie to assist in my case. Marie was clearly experienced and very professional in handling the case, ensuring that I created the best situation possible before the hearing. Because Marie knew exactly what to do, I was fortunate to have a favorable ruling. She was prompt, thorough and most importantly, wonderful about communicating the steps of the process before court and even directly afterward to ensure I had all the support I needed with the legal process. Marie is a life saver.”


“Marie was wonderful to work with and always informative about my case. She was right on top of court dates and let me know what to expect. I will say it was really tough to get a response from her assistant Misty, so I just started contacting Marie directly and she always responded.”


“I was charged with a 3rd degree dwi so I contacted Ryan Pacyga’s office for representation. Marie took on my case and started the process right away. The cost for her services are very reasonable. She kept me informed from start to finish, fought to keep me out of jail and got me the best outcome given my record and situation. I will recommend the Pacyga firm to anyone and am very pleased to have worked with her. Marie thank you for your time and amazing work. You are very appreciated.”


“I could not have been happier with Marie throughout the entire process. This can be a devastating and difficult journey to overcome but Marie was there to simplify and assist me in all aspects of case. From driving an hour an a half in rush hour traffic to meet with me, to working into the late afternoon hours during the week and weekend, she went above and beyond to see this case all the way though. Highly recommend her and her team!”

A satisfied Client

“Being a lawyer is multi-faceted – one must know the law, know how to be an advocate, and be empathetic and compassionate. I hired Marie to represent me after a terrible evening involving family, drinking, arguments and misunderstandings. I got a DWI and was thrown in jail for 5 days, including 4 in the workhouse. I will never forget the relief I felt when I saw her that next day, coming to meet with me to gather information for my case. I was still in a state of shock, horrified at the charges, and terrified of the potential consequences. She calmly listened to what I had to say, and was very compassionate and understanding as I sat there and cried.

From incident to disposition, my case took almost 8 months. We had 2 court dates prior to the final one, and throughout the entire ordeal, Marie was a constant pillar of strength, knowledge, and comfort, helping to navigate through a very painful process.

She has a brilliant mind, and is very knowledgeable about criminal law and criminal procedure. She is also a strong advocate for her clients, has a very compassionate nature, and does not judge.

She is also well-respected by her colleagues, judges, and prosecutors, and has cultivated great relationships with all of them. When she advocates on behalf of her clients, they listen and take her recommendations to heart.

My two most serious charges were dismissed and I pled guilty to the DWI. I think, under the circumstances, it was the best result possible, and I credit Marie’s representation with such a positive final outcome.

She has my unequivocal recommendation!!”


“As a 93X morning show listener and hearing Ryan Pacyga many times talk about cases he was representing I hired Pacyga Criminal Defense as I knew they were a group that actually cared about the outcome of a case. When I first talked to Marie I knew my choice was sound. Marie did a fantastic job representing me in my DWI case. With her help we won the case against me and got my charge dismissed. There is no doubt in my mind that her tenacity in defending me was the difference maker. I would highly recommend Marie and her team.”

Ken F.

“I could not be happier with the services provided by Marie and the rest of the arrestedMN team. They gave me wonderful representation and amazing results. I would recommend this team to anyone in the unfortunate case of needing them. The gave me immense comfort knowing I had them in my corner.”


“I had a domestic case against me and even though I knew I was innocent I knew the courts didn’t take lightly to any domestic case. I was very concerned and didn’t want something like this on my record. I made a phone call to Mrs. Pacyga and along with her team did a great job for me, ended up getting all the charges dropped to a stay of adjudication and a small unsupervised probation. She was very prompt and thorough with me through the whole process and put me at ease many times. Thanks again Marie, I appreciate all you did for me!”


“Everything required for the state and county was completed prior to the pretrial at which I plead guilty. The pretrial went smoothly and quickly and within a few days of the retrial everything was resolved satisfactorily. Fees were cut in half. She is knowledgeable, competent, non-judgmental and personable.”

A Satisfied Client

“Being it my first time ever needing a lawyer Ryan and his wife Marie did a great job helping me through my case. I called multiple lawyers and Ryan was the first one to respond quickly and I truly appreciated that. You could tell they genuinely wanted to help me with my case and showed it throughout the entire process. Thanks again!”


“Marie Pacyga and her team were extremely knowledgeable and helpful during a time of stress and chaos. Getting a DUI with a BAC of .2 is a very scary thing. Especially having a career and 2 children. Marie and her firm deeply understand Ramsey County and how to work with them. They helped me with license reinstatement as well as working to get international travel allowed. Once again – when you are experiencing anxiety and dealing with serious consequences you need to hire the best. I recommend Marie Pacyga and her team to help you through a stressful life changing event. They are with you every step of the way.”

A Satisfied Client

“My wife & I hired the Pacyga Law firm over a year ago now, to help us navigate some serious (felony) accusations against our (adult) son, in Washington County, MN. From the initial consultation, through payment negotiations, on in to the actual case work, we knew from the get-go, “we hired the perfect law firm” for our circumstances. Once we had met, & familiarized ourselves with Marie, her tactics, & style, we were fully confident that she cared enough about our family’s situation far beyond what we expected from a lawyer. Our first time (ever) hiring a lawyer / law firm. With Marie heading up our team, knew we were in good hands.

From the first court appearance, to the midweek meetings, & everything in between; Marie was ever present, the guiding hand overseeing the entire team. She was always aware of every detail, & was even able to forecast the “usual tactics” of the prosecutor, precalculating all possible moves – before the prosecutor made those moves.

Even in the face of “bad news” she always kept a level head, helping to provide calm to my family, in times of great distress. Without all of her/their hard work, countless hours working hand-on, & steadfast dedication, I doubt we could have achieved a full dismissal (as we did) without Marie & the entire Pacyga team.

We are eternally grateful for the “Ryan Pacyga Law Firm” & especially Marie Pacyga (& her LAA, Misty’s) phenomenal legal capability.

Thank You Marie, Misty, Ryan, & all the unknown/unseen people behind the scenes – without you, who knows where our son would be right now. No amount of thank you’s could cover what they’ve done for us.”


“Marie Pacyga handled my domestic assault – misdemeanor case successfully via obtaining diversion and all the way through expungement in a timely manner. Marie was both professional and personable. Marie’s excellent negotiating skills along with result-oriented approach not only enabled all charges to be dropped without any jail time but also minimized how much time was required of me to close the case. Marie has the best intentions for her clients not only in preventing adverse outcomes but also in minimizing any unfavorable outcomes such as the duration of a criminal record showing up on a background check. Marie honored the initial fee agreement and did more work than what I thought my initial payment would cover and did not even ask once for more money.”

A Satisfied Client