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Former Mayo Clinic Manager Charged With Fraud

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Firm News, Fraud

A woman who used to work at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota was recently accused of stealing nearly $72,000 from the hospital. She allegedly did this by committing mileage claim-related fraud from 2015 to 2018. The woman facing fraud charges once served as the hospital’s nurse manager.

According to authorities, the woman, 50, did not have to travel much in her role. However, authorities discovered that she submitted several mileage claims featuring exaggerated mile amounts. The woman is also accused of submitting mileage claims for days when she was receiving paid time off.

The woman’s scheme was allegedly discovered through forensic analysis at the hospital. Officials said she ended up receiving $72,000 fraudulently due to her fraudulent claims. She now faces a charge of theft by swindle.

Although the woman has been criminally charged with fraud in Minnesota, she remains innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove her guilt in court. Prosecutors must be able to prove every element of the charge filed against her — a fairly difficult feat — before any conviction can be handed down. However, rather than going to trial to fight the charge, the woman may decide that it is in her best interest to seek to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution, particularly if the evidence that prosecutors plan to present in court appears to be strong. Whether a person facing a fraud charge goes to trial or seeks a plea agreement, an attorney will push for the best outcome for the individual given the circumstances surrounding his or her criminal case.