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Couple accused of fraud following alleged welfare scheme

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2019 | Firm News, Fraud

A couple in Minnesota were recently accused of engaging in a scheme involving welfare. Their alleged scheme caused a Minnesota county to lose over $20,000. The two individuals now face felony fraud charges in connection with the reported scam.

According to authorities, a husband and wife did not tell the truth about their earnings, all in an effort to receive financial assistance from the government. Authorities filed charges against them for illicitly getting food stamps totaling over $21,000. The accused also allegedly received medical assistance totaling more than $7,500 even though they did not actually qualify for it.

The husband and wife are said to have received this government assistance between Nov. 2013 and June 2018. At the time, the husband was self-employed as a contractor and supposedly underreported his earnings. Meanwhile, the wife had a photography business from which she was reportedly paid thousands of dollars, and she also apparently had a presence on social media. If they are convicted of their charges, they could spend 10 years behind bars.

When people in Minnesota are accused of fraud, it is within their rights to fight these charges at trial. Prosecutors have to prove fraud charges beyond a reasonable doubt before convictions can be handed down. An alternative to going to trial is to seek to strike a plea deal with the prosecution, which might lead to lesser charges and/or a lighter sentence. An attorney can help a defendant who is charged with fraud to pursue the most personally favorable avenue given the circumstances surrounding his or her felony case.