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Man Charged With Drug-Related Felonies After Traffic Stop

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Felonies, Firm News

Minnesota authorities recently accused a 24-year-old man of taking heroin and then driving while intoxicated. They thus arrested him on felony charges of drug possession and DWI. However, like anyone else in Minnesota who is accused of felonies, the man is presumed innocent until and unless the government can prove his guilt in court.

The recent DWI arrest occurred when police observed a car parked in the wrong direction in a fire lane one day. When the police approached the car, they reportedly saw a man who had many signs of being impaired. For instance, he was allegedly shaking, was sweating heavily, had fresh injection marks and had constricted pupils.

Police said they also learned that the man was driving with a revoked license. In addition, when they searched him, they reportedly discovered a drug baggie that had been used, as well as paper bindles. Authorities said the man admitted to him that heroin had been in the bag. The man was then charged with the felonies of drug possession and operating a car while impaired. If convicted on the charges, he could face a few years behind prison bars and a fine of at least $10,000.

When people in Minnesota are accused of felonies, they have the right to fight these charges at trial. The prosecution must prove all elements of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt before convictions can happen in such cases. However, rather than going to trial, a person accused of a felony crime may seek to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution if the prosecution’s case appears to be strong. An attorney can help a defendant to choose the most personally favorable avenue, considering the circumstances of the case.