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What happens to repeat DUI offenders?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | DWI

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other impairing substance is not something the state of Minnesota takes lightly. That said, the state also understands that people are human and make mistakes. The consequences associated with a DUI conviction can be steep but are relatively minor at first and increase with any subsequent offenses.

A recent case in the news

Recently law enforcement officers in Rochester arrested a woman for her third DUI in seven months. At the time of her latest arrest, she was supposed to have an ignition interlock device installed on her vehicle. Officers say her motorcycle was lacking this device.

She entered a guilty plea on a previous charge just a month ago and was ordered to 180 days in jail, but a judge placed her on probation instead, telling her not to consume alcohol during that time. As she violated the terms of her probation, with this latest arrest, she was taken to an area detention center and held on bond set at $20,000. If convicted on this third DUI charge, she is looking at jail time and loss of driving privileges. What would likely benefit her most is a rehabilitation program. It is unclear if that has been tried or will be tried moving forward.

Get help

Minnesota residents who are facing DUI charges as repeat offenders do have a lot on the line. They can end up behind bars, must pay fines, lose their driving privileges and face a number of other consequences. With the right help in their corner, though, they may fight the charges, seek charge reductions or seek alternative sentencing — such as court-ordered rehabilitation. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, they can achieve the best outcomes possible for their circumstances.