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5 Issues that prompt teenage drinking

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Many teenagers in Minnesota and beyond find themselves in situations where they are offered alcohol. There are several reasons why some teens drink, even knowing that they are underage. Understanding these reasons is helpful, especially if alcohol-related incidents land a teen in trouble with the law, facing charges for juvenile crimes.  

Binge drinking is common among teenagers today 

The following list shows reasons that teenagers often cite when asked what issues may have prompted them to consume alcohol underage 

  • Personal problems at home, such as an abusive parent or parental divorce 
  • Hearing from peers that drinking is fun 
  • A desire to take risks or have thrill-seeking experiences 
  • Peer pressure 
  • Parents drink a lot and alcohol is often present in the home 

No two teenagers are exactly the same, but many young people can relate to each other regarding issues that lead them to drink alcohol before they have reached the legal age to do so.  

When drinking-related incidents result in juvenile crime charges 

Alcohol affects every person differently. A common side effect that many people have is feeling less inhibited while under the influence of alcohol. For teenagers, this sometimes leads to situations where they agree to do things they would not normally do, which can result in legal problems. 

It is understandable for a parent to be concerned if his or her teen has been charged with a juvenile crime. A parent may request a consultation with an attorney who is experienced in this type of criminal defense. An attorney can help explore what options might be available to help mitigate specific circumstances.