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A strong defense against theft charges

On Behalf of | May 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

Facing any type of criminal charges is a threat to your future. If convicted, you could be facing a range of penalties that may include time behind bars, expensive fines and more. This is true for any individual in Minnesota charged with theft or burglary. It may surprise you to learn that you could face the serious charge of burglary even if you did not take any property without permission. 

Building an appropriate and effective defense against burglary charges starts with an understanding of what you are up against. When you understand the elements of the prosecution’s case, it will be easier to defend your interests and future freedom. Your future is on the line, but it is possible for you to take steps that allow you to shield your long-term well-being and possibly mitigate some of the penalties you are facing. 

What is burglary? 

Burglary is any type of unlawful entry into a structure or building. You could face burglary charges even if you did not actually take any property. In fact, burglary charges could come even if you did not break and enter. You could face these charges even if you simply enter a building without permission. Forced entry, theft of property or damage to property are not a requirement. This is how burglary charges differ from robbery charges. In a robbery case, there is typically a forced entry and/or the use of fear and threats to take property. 

In order to have a valid case for burglary, the prosecution must be able to prove certain elements. This includes having evidence of unauthorized breaking and entering an occupied building or structure with the intent of committing a crime once inside. It is not always easy to determine what actions constitute burglary, robbery or theft, and it can be difficult to prove a person’s intention for entering a building. 

Defending your future 

Regardless of the case against you, you have the right to fight for your future interests when facing burglary charges. Preparing the most effective defense strategy for your individual situation can start as soon as possible after an arrest. There are various factors that could affect the severity of a fraud case, and an assessment of the specific situation will determine the appropriate direction for your unique defense strategy.