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DWI allegedly a secondary factor in fatal collision

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | DWI

Minnesota police have stated that the primary factor in a Sept. 2021 car accident was excessive speed. The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m. and involved several vehicles. The woman who was driving the vehicle that caused the initial impact is facing numerous criminal charges, including DUI. It was a fatal collision, which is why she is also facing several counts of vehicular homicide.  

Preliminary investigations showed that the woman’s vehicle was speeding moments before the crash. She reportedly hit a vehicle in front of her on the roadway. That vehicle then careened into an oncoming lane of traffic and hit another car.  

2 vehicle occupants were pinned in their cars 

Rescue workers who arrived at the scene said that the drivers of the second and third vehicle were pinned in their cars following the chain-reaction crash. One of the drivers survived his injuries but was listed in serious condition when rescuers transported him to a hospital. The person who was driving the vehicle that was hit head-on did not survive the accident.  

Police say the woman’s eyes were red and she smelled like alcohol 

Minnesota police stated in their report regarding the fatal collision that the woman who caused the crash smelled of alcohol when they spoke to her at the scene. Officers also said that her eyes were bloodshot. The woman allegedly told the officers that she had consumed two beers some hours earlier. If a person is facing serious criminal charges regarding DWI or vehicular homicide, it is wise to request legal representation as soon as possible. Doing so may have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome of a case.