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Minnesota man denies shooting co-worker

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2022 | Felonies

A woman was found lying in a pool of blood outside a Minnesota business establishment on a recent Monday morning. She is said to have been employed at the company. One of her co-workers was arrested and charged with her murder, although he denies shooting the 28-year-old.  

Minnesota police say that several witnesses claim to have seen the man in question in the same parking lot, moments before a gun shot was heard. Some say they also saw him drive away at a swift rate of speed. The witnesses told police that the man was dressed in all-black clothing at the time.  

The accused allegedly admitted being spurned by the victim 

The man was held on a $2 million bond. He is said to have told police that the decedent had rejected his romantic advances in the past. Investigators say that there are text messages to the defendant from the victim saying she was not interested in a relationship and did not want any problems with him at work. Of course, a person being in a parking lot or wearing a certain color of clothing does not prove that he committed murder.  

Investigators say they found a gun in the man’s car 

Minnesota police searched the defendant’s vehicle, at some point, later stating that they discovered a firearm in it. They took the man into custody at his sister’s house. He reportedly told police that he saw his co-worker lying in a pool of blood when he arrived at the parking lot and was so devastated by the scene that he immediately drove away because he could not bear it. Strong criminal defense support is often a key factor in cases like this because an experienced attorney can advocate on a defendant’s behalf and can make sure that a defendant’s rights are protected throughout proceedings.