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Minnesota man arrested after contact with FBI informant

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Felonies

An FBI informant in Minnesota claims that a man tried to buy grenades during an undercover investigation. The subject of the investigation was arrested and is now facing criminal charges. The same man is said to have fired a rifle several years ago, which reportedly injured a family member.  

The 20 -year-old is accused of buying three grenades from an FBI informant. Investigators say the man expressed admiration for a person who was charged with shooting several people at a nightclub in another state. They also claim that the defendant showed interest in neo-Nazi groups. He is also accused of purchasing devices that enable a regular firearm to be converted to an automatic weapon.  

The man’s style of clothing attracted police attention 

Minnesota police say their initial interest in the defendant arose when he visited a shooting range over the summer. Investigators say they began to monitor him because he would arrive at the shooting range wearing tactical gear and a face covering known as the ”Punisher mask.” They say that extremists often wear such masks when they plan to kill people because they want the mask to be the last thing their victims see.  

Wearing a mask to a shooting range is not a crime 

Just because someone wears clothing that police consider odd to a shooting range does not necessarily mean the person has committed a weapons crime. Being charged with firearms violations in Minnesota can have dire consequences if a conviction is later achieved in court. The court understands how such proceedings can affect a defendant’s life, which is why every defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense before the court renders a decision.