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Minnesota traffic stop leads to an arrest

Jan 30, 2023 | Felonies

If Minnesota police pull a motorist over, any number of issues may arise to escalate the situation. Even if the initial reason for the stop is something relatively minor, such as a brake light not functioning or the officer issuing a speeding ticket, things might go from bad to worse for a driver if a criminal investigation ensues. A recent traffic stop led to a person’s arrest after the officer claims to have discovered guns and drugs in the motorist’s vehicle.

Investigators reportedly conducted a search of the person’s residence after allegedly finding firearms and drugs in the vehicle. The home search is said to have led to the seizure of more guns, more drugs and a substantial amount of cash. The driver was taken into custody and is now facing criminal charges.

31 guns removed from the home

Minnesota law does not prohibit the purchase or sale of multiple firearms at once. However, if a person is found to be in unlawful possession of a firearm, penalties under conviction are often severe. In this case, investigators claim to have confiscated 31 guns from the homethat they searched in connection with the traffic stop.

Lab tests must be run to prove that a substance is an illegal drug

When Minnesota police seize an item from someone’s home that they believe to be an illegal drug, the item must be sent to a crime laboratory for testing. A prosecutor must be able to prove that the substance being submitted as evidence is, indeed, an illegal drug. A defendant who is facing charges for drug crimes or firearms violations may seek criminal defense support to refute the charges in court.