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Minnesota man accused of stealing a taxicab

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

On a recent Tuesday night, Minnesota police were called to investigate a stolen vehicle. The vehicle in question was a taxicab. The driver had reportedly stopped at a gas station to use the restroom. Apparently, a customer was in the taxicab at the time.  

The taxicab driver claims that he discovered the vehicle missing from the parking lot when he returned from the restroom. He called the police and told them that there had been a customer in the vehicle when he left it to enter the gas station. The vehicle was equipped with a global tracking device, which enabled police officers to determine its location.  

A traffic stop was made in the Bemidji area 

The responding officers set out to find the missing taxicab. The tracking device led them to the Bemidji area, where they located the missing vehicle. The police officers took a 34-year-old man into custody, who will now face theft charges in court.  

Initial articles that were posted online about the incident did not specify whether the person who was arrested was determined to have been the customer that had allegedly been in the taxicab before it was taken from the gas station parking lot. In any event, a person who is arrested and charged with theft can use relevant defense strategies to refute the charges in court. These strategies are usually more effective when an experienced criminal defense attorney acts on behalf of a defendant throughout proceedings.