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A criminal conviction can affect a career

Apr 24, 2023 | Felonies

If someone is arrested in Minnesota and winds up facing criminal charges, the outcome of the case may have a significant impact on the accused individual’s private and professional life. Depending on the type of charges, such as drug crimes, DUI or a violent offense, the collateral effects of the circumstances can be far-reaching and long-lasting. If a conviction results, it can impede access to certain licenses, certifications or employment.

A professional license may be at risk or employment opportunities restricted

If someone is found guilty of a serious crime in Minnesota, the scope of potential employers will immediately narrow. For example, those convicted of a felony cannot possess a firearm, which prevents work in any industry that involves handling guns. An assault conviction may limit employment opportunities to work with minors or the elderly.

A professional, such as a physician, psychologist, teacher, counselor, fitness trainer, etc., may have a license or certification at risk if convicted of drunk driving or a drug crime. The conviction will show the individual’s record. If a potential employer runs a background check, the person may not be hired based on the information contained in a criminal record.

Consequences could affect more than employment

In addition to the problems a criminal conviction may cause in a career or for future employment opportunities, challenges may also arise when trying to obtain certain types of housing. A college student attending school on a scholarship might lose those funds; in fact, a student might even be suspended or expelled from school.

Tap into available support resources

When facing criminal charges in Minnesota, try not to panic, even if there’s a chance of losing a professional license or experiencing negative consequences in the workforce. By building a strong defense, the accused may be able to achieve a positive outcome in court, or at least soften the blow regarding the implications a conviction can have on a career and in other areas of life.