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Theft charges and what they can mean for your future

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Felonies

Facing criminal charges is a threat to your future interests, regardless of the specific types of charges you are facing. If you are facing criminal allegations of theft, it is in your interests to take your situation seriously, developing a defense strategy that will allow you to effectively confront the case against you. The first step is to understand theft, what actions are theft in the eyes of the law and what you can do to build an effective defense strategy.

Theft, burglary and robbery are separate criminal offenses. While you may hear these terms together, they are not the same things. The legal definition of theft is the intentional and unlawful taking of another person’s property. If charged with theft, you may also be charged with robbery or burglary, or other property-related criminal offenses. Intent is an important part of many property crime cases.

Important details in property crime cases

In a theft case, the type of property you allegedly took and the worth of the stolen property are important elements. These factors could have an impact on the severity of the charges you are facing and the potential penalties that could come with a conviction. Theft is taking property that belongs to another person or a business, and potential penalties could include expensive fines, time behind bars and other consequences.

Robbery is taking property that belongs to another person or business and using force or the threat of force to do so. Burglary is entering a building without permission with the intent to take property or commit another type of crime. Due to the nature of burglary cases, a defendant may also face assault charges. The criminal penalties and other consequences associated with these crimes can range from relatively minor to severe. Even a misdemeanor conviction for petty theft can negatively impact your future.

Take your future seriously

As soon as possible after your arrest, you will benefit from an explanation of your defense options. You may benefit from speaking with a professional regarding your objectives and other factors that may play a role in your current situation, developing a strategy that will allow you to confront the charges against you effectively. Theft, robbery and other types of property crime allegations are serious offenses, but you do not have to face these charges alone.