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Minnesota man accused of sexual assault

A Minnesota man who was accused of assault in June of last year is facing more legal problems. He was already out on $150,000 bail concerning the prior charges, which are still pending. The 29-year-old was arraigned on a recent Monday in a State District Court with...

Crash resulted in injuries, DWI charges

A group of people ranging in ages from 15 to 44 reportedly attended a UFC event at a public venue before getting into the same vehicle to travel after the show. The 15-year-old later spoke to police saying he was initially planning on driving, when the older gentleman...

Minnesota man is facing murder charges

A woman from another state was reportedly visiting a man in Minnesota during July when a tragedy occurred. The woman died at the man’s residence. Events leading up to her death prompted police to arrest the man, who is now facing third-degree murder charges regarding...