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We Achieve Not Guilty Verdicts And Dismissals For Assault Charges

If you are facing assault charges in Minnesota, you may feel frightened, persecuted, and unjustly accused. You could spend years in prison if convicted because police and prosecutors believed the alleged victim’s version of events instead of yours. Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense attorneys will listen to you and know that just because a group of people say something happened a certain way does not mean it is true. A lawyer is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us anytime at 612-474-5420. We know that there are two sides to every story. We will listen as you tell us what happened to you, and we will explain how we can help. Our attorneys have achieved not guilty verdicts and dismissals for many clients facing assault, aggravated assault and domestic assault charges. We have also successfully negotiated to reduce the charges against clients who have been overcharged. 

Defending Against Assault Charges

Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense’s violent crimes defense team will explore all possible defenses to the assault charge, including: 

  • Self-defense: You have the right to defend yourself if another person is pushing you, throwing punches or otherwise threatening you with physical harm without even necessarily touching you. Ryan Pacyga has successfully used self-defense for many clients facing serious assault charges and has obtained not guilty verdicts and dismissals, even when his client had not yet been hit. 
  • Defense of another: Were you protecting another person when the alleged assault or threat of assault occurred? 
  • Lack of intent: The prosecution must show that you intended to harm someone or cause fear of immediate bodily harm. We may be able to show that no such harm was intended. 
  • Alibi and/or identity: Our private investigator may be able to find evidence that you were not at the scene, and that the police arrested the wrong person. 
  • Degree of bodily harm: We may seek additional medical exams to verify the actual degree of bodily harm caused by the alleged assault. An accurate assessment of harm can sometimes help minimize the charges our clients face. 

Experienced Lawyers Who Get Results

Our knowledge of the law and our success at trial have won us the respect of our legal peers. Our compassion and respect for those we represent and the results we achieve for them have earned us the gratitude of our clients. 

To put the strength of our experience to work for you, please call 612-474-5420 or contact us by email. We look forward to hearing from you and explaining how we can defend against an assault charge. Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense attorneys represent clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, throughout Minnesota and across the nation.