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Fraud Accusations Against A Minnesota Public Servant

  • On Behalf Of: Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense
  • Published: April 3, 2019
  • Category: Fraud

A public official finds herself in a difficult position after allegations of wrongdoing on her part and the part of the organization she runs, the Department of Human Services, have come to light. Specifically, these accusations related to potential fraud in how the DHS investigates Minnesota child care organizations. This official adamantly maintains her innocence and claims the probe is simply an effort to derail her political career.

At this point, there are no specific accusations against her, and no charges have been filed. However, a group that that looks at government organizations believes it is possible that fraudulent activities took place in specific child care programs run by the state. At this time, it appears that she is on leave while there is a continued investigation into DHS and this situation.

The accusations of wrongdoing center around allegations of fraud and wrongdoing at child care centers run by Somali immigrants. There were even allegations that these centers were potentially funding terrorist groups. However, leaders in this community claim these assertions stem from racial bias, while others believe that DHS investigators have overlooked problems because they felt the need to be politically correct. The scope of the entire situation involving the inspector general for Minnesota DHS is broad and complex.

While she is not currently facing any charges of fraud or other types of crime, she is likely relying upon an attorney to protect her interests. Beyond protecting her legal rights, there may also be concerns about safeguarding her career and determining what she can do to fight back against potential charges that may eventually be filed. Any individual facing a difficult legal situation that involves allegations of criminal activity can take steps to actively protect his or her constitutional rights and long-term interests.

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