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State V. Shoen

County: Dakota (9/2011)
Charges: Second Degree Assault with Dangerous Weapon; Third Degree Assault
Trial Type: Jury Trial

The State charged Mr. Shoen with Second Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and Third Degree Assault. The State alleged that Mr. Shoen attacked the alleged victim and knocked him out twice with a bat or a club. The alleged victim suffered a broken nose, a concussion, and several cuts. Ryan Pacyga defended Mr. Shoen and raised self defense. Furthermore, Ryan Pacyga attacked the credibility of the alleged victim, pointing out that his injuries were not consistent with injuries that a bat or club would cause. He also attacked inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story, and disputed the prosecutor’s claim that Mr. Shoen was the aggressor. Mr. Shoen faced approximately three years in prison if he would have been convicted.