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State V. W.K.

County: Dakota (7/2012)
Charges: 4th Degree DWI (Urine test .08)
Outcome: The prosecutor refused to offer a careless driving, claiming it was his policy to punish anyone that fought their implied consent case. Ryan Pacyga told the prosecutor his policy was unreasonable, but the prosecutor wouldn’t budge. So Ryan Pacyga took him to trial on both charges (driving while impaired 169A.20 subd. 1(1) and driving with an alcohol concentration over .08 within 2 hours 169A.20 subd. 1(5). Ryan Pacyga argued that his client was not impaired while driving, and additionally that there were flaws with the urine test. After deliberating for only 20 minutes, the 6-person jury unanimously agreed with Ryan Pacyga and found W.K. NOT GUILTY of both charges. Our client comments on the job that Ryan and his staff did here: