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Synthetic Drugs: New Criminal Laws

Party Drug Paranoia

Popular party drugs, including 2C-E, 2C-I, synthetic marijuana, “incense” and “bath salts”, have come under heightened scrutiny recently in Minnesota. News articles like this paint a horrific picture of the effects of some of these substances, and offer gory anecdotal evidence to capture the public imagination. This particular article describes stories of superhuman strength, visions of the devil, suicide and multiple murders, all while users experienced highs from synthetic drugs. The article also plays to our fear of the unknown, describing that these synthetic substances are unregulated, sold online at low prices, and manufactured by “rogue chemists” from exotic countries such as Pakistan, India, and China.

This kind of media attention has piqued the interest of the Minnesota legislature as well, and resulted in substantial changes to the state’s drug laws and corresponding drug-enforcement activity. As of July 1, 2011, synthetic drugs are illegal in Minnesota, and the criminal penalties for possession or sale are stiff, and can include significant jail time and fines. If you find yourself facing any kind of drug charge, you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney who can navigate the new and existing laws effectively to get you the best result possible for your case. I have represented hundreds of clients facing everything from small possession charges up to felony drug distribution/manufacturing/sale charges in both state and federal courts. Click on the Recent Cases tab to view results in my other recent drug cases, and contact me at 612-474-5420 for more information about how I can help defend your drug case.