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State V. J.P. (2Nd Degree Assault W/Deadly Weapon, Dakota Co 2014)

JP was on trial for Second Degree Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Terroristic Threats. We knew she was guilty of terroristic threats, but had to go to trial on the Second Degree Assault charge. The jury found her NOT GUILTY of Second Degree Assault, and the judge GRANTED our motion for a downward dispositional departure on the terroristic threats… Read More

State V J.D. (1St Degree Controlled Substance-Sale, Ramsey Co 2015)

J.D. was charged with First Degree Controlled Substance Sale (methamphetamine) after he sold a large amount of meth to an informant. The entire transaction was captured on video and audio recordings. We defended the case on entrapment and also requested the police file on the informant. The City of St. Paul's legal department fought our request for the informant file,… Read More

State V. Anonymous (Engage In Prostitution, Ramsey Co 2014)

Law enforcement officials from St. Paul set up a reverse sting for prostitution. They set it up by having a female officer act as an undercover prostitute, and created a fake ad on the internet for an illicit massage. Our client responded to the ad. Law enforcement recorded his responses over the phone and text messages. Law enforcement had hidden… Read More

State V. M.G. (Malicious Punishment Of Child, Wright Co. 2014)

The State charged M.G. with Malicious Punishment of a Child under Minnesota Statute 609.377. We defended the case based on a false report against our client, who was the mother's new boyfriend. Among other things, we successfully brought a Paradee motion which convinced the court to look at child protective services records, medical records, and psychological records for the child.… Read More

State V. T.H. (Dakota County 2016)

T.H. was charged with harassing phone calls to a person after their friendship had gone sour. The person threatened to continue contacting TH's spouse, so T.H. left a number of harassing voicemails and later admitted that to law enforcement. T.H. is a licensed professional (doctors, dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, accountants, nurses, etc) that cannot have any sort of harassment on record,… Read More

State V. D.D. (Pine County 2016)

D.D. was charged with domestic assault and disorderly conduct. A military member with security clearance, his career was at stake due to the allegations. The first task was to get the judge to lift the requirement that D.D. could not possess any firearms while his case was ongoing. The judge agreed with our motion. This was important due to our… Read More

Axelberg V. Comm’R Of Public Safety (Minn. Supreme Court)

A husband and wife were camping in a remote area. They walked .8 miles to a tavern, drank, and walked back. Once they arrived at their camp sight, they began arguing. The husband pushed the wife and then punched her. The husband had the wife's cell phone, and she could not run away from him because there were not any… Read More

State V. R.H. (Hennepin County 2016)

R.H. was charged with Third Degree Controlled Substance sale under Minnesota Statute 152.023. The family called 911 while a relative was having a medical emergency. Law enforcement arrived with paramedics. The family member died at the scene. There was no sign of foul play and the death was not suspicious. Without asking for consent or seeking a search warrant, law… Read More

State V. S.P.

County: Dakota (7/2011) The State sought restitution for an alleged victim of a strangulation and assault case. Ryan Pacyga represented S.P., and negotiated dismissal of the charges relating to the alleged victim. Still, the State brought a motion to recover approximately $1,000 that the alleged victim claimed she was owed due to damages incurred during the alleged assault. Ryan Pacyga… Read More

State V. A.S.

County: Anoka (2010) A.S. was represented by a criminal defense lawyer who counseled her to plead guilty to a theft by swindle charge. At sentencing, the judge awarded the victim restitution in the amount of $134,000. A.S. fired her lawyer and hired Ryan Pacyga. Ryan Pacyga challenged the restitution award, and instead of having to pay $134,000 in restitution, his… Read More

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