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State V. A.A.

County: Beltrami (2010) Charges: 5TH Degree Domestic Assault (2 victims) Trial Type: Jury Trial Outcome: The State charged A.A. with 2 counts of domestic assault and alleged that there he assaulted 2 different people. A.A. is a Gulf War veteran and is active military. He faced losing his military career if he was convicted, since a domestic assault conviction prohibits… Read More

State V. C.G.

County: Ramsey (9/2011) Charges: Felony Violation of Order for Protection Trial Type: Jury Trial Outcome: C.G. was charged with Felony Violation of Order for Protection. Ryan Pacyga argued that C.G. did not violate the technical terms of the order, and therefore was not guilty. Ryan Pacyga also argued that C.G. had no intent to violate the order, and that because… Read More

State V. Benedict-2

County: Itasca (2011) Charges: 3rd Degree Burglary Hearing Type: Felony Jury Trial Outcome: The State charged three men with 3rd Degree Burglary. Each man was represented by a different lawyer. Ryan Pacyga represented Mr. Benedict. The first man pled guilty and went to prison. The second man went to trial and the jury found him guilty. Ryan Pacyga defended Mr.… Read More

State V. Bielke County

County: Hennepin Co. (5/2011) Charges: 1st Degree Assault and 3rd Degree Assault Outcome: Jury found Mr. Bielke NOT GUILTY on all charges. The case against Mr. Bielke started after Mr. Bielke's friends were calling a woman and her group of friends derogatory names in a bar. The name calling continued out into the parking lot. The woman's male friend approached… Read More

Synthetic Drugs: New Criminal Laws

Party Drug Paranoia Popular party drugs, including 2C-E, 2C-I, synthetic marijuana, “incense” and “bath salts”, have come under heightened scrutiny recently in Minnesota. News articles like this paint a horrific picture of the effects of some of these substances, and offer gory anecdotal evidence to capture the public imagination. This particular article describes stories of superhuman strength, visions of the… Read More

Sentencing Entrapment

What is Sentencing Entrapment? Drug sentences are based on the amount and, in some cases, purity of a drug. The greater the amount and purity, the longer the sentence. For this reason, law enforcement agents have a motive to increase the amount and purity of a drug when they are attempting a set up a reverse-sting operation or a controlled buy.… Read More

Do I Have To Take Roadside Field Sobriety Tests In MN?

If the police pull me over, should I take the roadside field sobriety tests? Do I have an option? Before I answer those questions, you should know this: In Minnesota, the police have to have a reasonable, articulable suspicion that you are actually impaired or over the .08 blood alcohol limit before they can ask you to get out of… Read More

Domestic Assault In MN

Did you know that the police can charge you with domestic assault even if you never touched anyone? If the alleged victim even thinks that you were going to hurt them, the police will usually charge you. A lot of domestic assault cases start when two people get into a loud argument and someone calls the police. What is required for Domestic… Read More

3rd Degree DWI In MN

A Third Degree DWI is a more serious DWI than your typical first-time DWI. You face up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine, having your driver's license revoked for 180 days (or 1 year if you refused) and having whiskey plates put on all of your vehicles. How do I get a 3rd Degree DWI? To be… Read More

DWI: Will My License Be Revoked In MN?

If you're charged with a DWI in Minnesota, you're not only facing potential jail and fines, but your driver's license can be revoked for between 90 days and a few years, and you could have a DWI on your driving record for the rest of your life. Minnesota law says that you give implied consent to have your blood, urine… Read More

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