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Victories And Cases

State V. Benedict

County: Itasca (2008) Charges: Theft, cash seized during warrant search Outcome: Cash seized returned Read More

Floyd V. Forfeiture Money

County: Hennepin (2/2009) Charge: Forfeiture of Drug Money: Attempted forfeiture of Defendant's bank account due to criminal charges of felony sale and distribution of marijuana (see State v. Floyd) Trial Type: Negotiation Outcome: Client retains/awarded ½ of bank account funds Read More

State V. J.A.

County: Dakota (7/2011) Charge: Probation Violation for new criminal conviction while on probation Outcome: Client admitted that he violated his DWI probation by getting a new DWI and drug charge. The probation agent and the prosecutor proposed a 30-day jail sentence for the violation. Ryan Pacyga did not accept the offer, continued negotiating, and reached a result where the client… Read More

State V. Olsen

County: Wright (2/2009) Charges: Probation Violation on 4th Deg DWI - alleges alcohol consumption violating conditions of probation. Trial Type: Contested Probation Violation Hearing Outcome: Case dismissed Read More

State V. Crist

County: Hennepin Co. (3/2009) Charges: Unlawful Assembly & Interference with Pedestrian or vehicular traffic (misdemeanor) (following Rage against the Machine concert) Trial Type: Pre-Trial Outcome: Case dismissed Read More

State V. A.C.

County: Hennepin Co. (6/2011) Investigation of Promotion of Prostitution Outcome: No prostitution charges filed, investigation closed. Read More

State V. Kupsky

County: Wright (2007) Charges: Gross Misdemeanor failure to stop for School Bus Stop Arm Trial Type: Jury Trial Outcome: Motion for Acquittal Granted Read More

State V. Ingvalson

County: Washington (2007-08) Charges: Violation of a School Bus Stop Arm Trial Type: Motion to Suppress Evidence, Trial Outcome: Motion granted, case dismissed Read More

State V. W.B.

County: Hennepin (11/11) Charges: Obstruction of Legal Process and Disorderly Conduct Outcome: Obstruction of Legal Process DISMISSED. Disorderly Conduct DISMISSED. Pled to attending a noisy party, no jail, no community service. Read More

State V. S.W.

County: Hennepin (8/2011) Charges: Obstruction of Legal Process with Force; Disorderly Conduct Outcome: Obstruction charge DISMISSED; Stay of Adjudication on Disorderly Conduct, NO CONVICTION, no jail, no community service, no fine. Read More

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