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State V. J.G.

County: Scott (2011) Charges: 3rd Degree Assault Hearing Type: Sentencing Outcome: J.G. pled guilty to 3rd Degree Assault after a road rage incident in which he tore the victim's rotator cuff, requiring surgery. At the sentencing hearing, the prosecutor asked for 120 days of jail. Probation recommended 90 a 90-day jail sentence. Ryan Pacyga asked the Judge to give J.G.… Read More

State V. T.R.

County: Sherburne (2011) Charges: Domestic Assault Trial Type: N/A Outcome: Amended plea to Disorderly Conduct, NO JAIL, $100 fine. Domestic Assault DISMISSED. Read More

State V. K.P.

County: Ramsey (2011) Charges: Domestic Assault and Disorderly Conduct Outcome: The State alleged that K.P. physically assaulted her husband. She admitted to officers that she hit him several times. Ryan Pacyga raised self defense at court, and the prosecutor dismissed all charges. Read More

State V. Kahn

County: Ramsey (2008) Charges: 5th Degree Domestic Assault Trial Type: Jury Trial Outcome: Found NOT GUILTY of Domestic Assault Read More

State V. Braun

County: Washington (2007-08) Charges: Domestic Assault Trial Type: N/A Outcome: Amended plea to Disorderly Conduct/ Received Continuance for Dismissal Read More

State V. Shoen

County: Dakota (9/2011) Charges: Second Degree Assault with Dangerous Weapon; Third Degree Assault Trial Type: Jury Trial Outcome: Found NOT GUILTY on ALL CHARGES. The State charged Mr. Shoen with Second Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and Third Degree Assault. The State alleged that Mr. Shoen attacked the alleged victim and knocked him out twice with a bat or… Read More

State V. M.F.

County: Ramsey (12/2011) Charge: Third Degree Assault Outcome: Found NOT GUILTY. The State alleged that M.F. assaulted the alleged victim by head-butting his wife, breaking her nose. M.F. maintained that he had to pin his wife down as she attacked him, and that while he was pinning her down, their heads accidentally collided, causing the broken nose. During the trial,… Read More

State V. W.K.

County: Dakota (7/2012) Charges: 4th Degree DWI (Urine test .08) Outcome: The prosecutor refused to offer a careless driving, claiming it was his policy to punish anyone that fought their implied consent case. Ryan Pacyga told the prosecutor his policy was unreasonable, but the prosecutor wouldn't budge. So Ryan Pacyga took him to trial on both charges (driving while impaired… Read More

State V. B.K.

County: Dakota (6/2012) Charges: 1st Degree Felony DWI (his fourth DWI within 10 years) Outcome: The State charged B.K. with a FELONY 1st Degree DWI because this was his fourth DWI in a ten-year period. Ryan Pacyga challenged the stop, arguing that the officer violated B.K.'s constitutional rights because the officer did not have enough cause under the law to… Read More

State V. C.F.

Charge: Burglary of Occupied Dwelling Result: Ryan Pacyga challenged probable cause for the burglary charge. After a long court hearing, the judge agreed over the prosecution's objection and granted Ryan Pacyga's motion to throw out the burglary charge for lack of probable cause. See the order here. Read More

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