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Crash resulted in injuries, DWI charges

A group of people ranging in ages from 15 to 44 reportedly attended a UFC event at a public venue before getting into the same vehicle to travel after the show. The 15-year-old later spoke to police saying he was initially planning on driving, when the older gentleman...

What happens to repeat DUI offenders?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other impairing substance is not something the state of Minnesota takes lightly. That said, the state also understands that people are human and make mistakes. The consequences associated with a DUI conviction can be steep...

What implied consent laws mean for you

Minnesota has conditions that come with obtaining a driver’s license and operating a vehicle in the state. One of them is that people will abide by implied consent laws. This means they agree to participate in sobriety testing if they are pulled over for suspected...

When can police make a DWI traffic stop?

If you have ever seen the flashing lights of a law enforcement vehicle in your rearview mirror, you know how one traffic stop can lead to serious consequences. In Minnesota, a DWI can lead to penalties that can include everything from time behind bars to expensive...