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Young people often lack good judgment and make mistakes. It’s part of growing up. However, youthful mistakes can result in criminal charges and serious consequence that can cast a long shadow over a once-bright future.

At Arrested MN, we represent clients in juvenile court. Our juvenile criminal defense lawyers work to minimize the negative consequences to young clients today and help improve their lives in the future.

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We represent juveniles charged with offenses, including:

Treating Juveniles as Adults

The Minnesota juvenile court system is set up to rehabilitate young offenders, not to punish them. When an offense is serious or violent, however, the state will work to certify the minor to be charged in adult court.

Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction (EJJ) is another option for prosecutors. This approach straddles the adult and juvenile worlds. EJJ imposes an adult sentence, but stays the sentence as long as the juvenile successfully completes a program that can include staying in school, maintaining a job, participation in treatment programs and other requirements. EJJ can keep an adult criminal sentence hanging over a young person’s head until he or she turns 23 years old.

Keeping Juvenile Offenders in Juvenile Court

Our lawyers have a record of success keeping cases against minors in juvenile court. We are skilled at using experts in child development to help prevent adult consequences from being imposed on a juvenile.

We explore all options for minimizing the negative consequences to our young clients. We will work to get the case dismissed or the charges reduced. In some cases, we will encourage our client to make restitution, participate in treatment or other appropriate programs.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a juvenile case to trial. Arrested MN lawyers are experienced trial attorneys who have taken juvenile cases all the way to trial and won.

To learn more about how we can help, please call 612.339.5844 or contact us by email. We represent juveniles in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota.

My son was being investigated for rape (criminal sexual conduct). We called Ryan Pacyga right away and told him what we needed help with. Ryan was on the phone asap and started to help my son as soon as we got off the phone. Ryan stopped the police and the detective from going after him. — T.R.

State v. B.L.

County: Anoka (1/2012) Charges: 3rd Degree DWI (.17 with a prior 7 years ago) Outcome: The State charged B.L. with a 3rd Degree DWI because he had a prior DWI in 2004 and he tested at .137on the new DWI. B.L. also had several other convictions, including a felony. Despite this, Ryan Pacyga argued for […]

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