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There are times when it feels like your life is falling apart, when everything you worked for is on the line — your family, your job, your reputation, your freedom.

In times of crisis, you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to manage the crisis and is focused on what is important to you. We provide that experience and guidance.

Every day, our attorneys help people just like you. Whether you were accused of a crime, pulled over for drunk driving or are facing the significant penalties associated with a federal offense, we can help.


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At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Good people make mistakes; they make errors in judgment. Maybe you’re involved in a traffic accident—the situation gets heated and you exchange some terse words with the other driver, or have a small physical altercation—you could find yourself facing a criminal charge in an instant. Your wife passed her real estate exam and the two of you go out for drinks to celebrate. Time slipped away from you; the babysitter is waiting, and now you must rush home—but you forgot to check yourself to assess whether you were okay to drive. A routine traffic stop turns into a field sobriety test and just like that, you’re hauled off to jail for the night—a not so proud owner of a brand new DWI charge.

There are millions of possible scenarios that can get out of hand quickly, and land a good person into a bad situation. That’s why Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense exists; we are here to help you when you find yourself in a bad situation, charged with a crime of some sort. We are a respected criminal defense attorney firm that the people of Minneapolis, MN turn to when they need help. If you need a criminal defense attorney, federal crimes attorney, or DWI attorney, call us today.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Excellent Results
  • We Work Tirelessly
  • We Take A Team Approach
  • Battle-tested Trial Lawyers
  • We Care About Every Client
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year



Criminal Court in Minnesota: Understanding the Process so You Can Sleep at Night.

Criminal Defense Attorney | Federal Crimes Attorney | Ryan Pacyga Gets Results

What can a criminal defense attorney do for you? The answer: help you to avoid, circumvent, lessen, or even face, many potentially horrible situations. When you’ve been charged with a crime, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony, your mind is probably racing, running through many potential scenarios—none of them good.

What will happen to your career if you are convicted? How will this affect your family? Can you survive the damage to your reputation? Will there be financial penalties? Will you go to prison? There’s a lot at stake; therefore, you must hire a seasoned, skilled criminal defense attorney or federal crimes attorney to guide you through the complex criminal justice system and defend your rights.

As your criminal defense attorney, regardless of your alleged offense, our immediate goal will be to get your entire case dismissed. It’s not always possible, but we will make every effort to make it so. We will study your case and every detail, and look for police procedure errors such as mishandling of evidence, as well as any potential violation of your constitutional rights—during your arrest, handling, booking, etc. If we find any violations, errors, or worse, we’ll file a motion for dismissal on those grounds.

If we cannot get your case dismissed, we’ll build a defense that is formidable, one that cannot be overlooked by a jury. We understand the judicial process and we know how prosecutors think through our years of experience in having many cases against them, so if we do have to go to trial, we’ll be bringing a powerful defense team and strategy.

We defend clients successfully because we work from the bottom up. We start with what we know, and then fill in the gaps through intensive investigation; extensive interviewing of witnesses, police personnel, and detectives; and copious analysis of procedures. When you work with us, we’ll build your defense on multiple levels, meaning that we’ll consider every possible defense and look at all the facts, evidence, witness testimony, etc. to decide which defense will ultimately be the best for your case. We also take the time to get to know you, what is important to you, and what lead up to the situation so we can tell your side of the story in the courtroom.

Our team uses multiple strategy calculation metrics, and we analyze them from every angle, considering the evidence that is readily available, as well as the evidence that we have dug up through our own independent investigations. Once we have decided upon the appropriate strategy for your defense, we build the case, oftentimes with a mountain of evidence. When day one comes and we enter the court room, you can rest assured you’ll be in the best hands, and… getting the best defense, from the criminal defense attorney team Minneapolis, MN citizens count on when the stakes are high and everything’s on the line.


Serious Felony Attorney | Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense

As a top felony and federal defense attorney, Ryan Pacyga has an impeccable reputation for getting the job done and achieving beneficial outcomes for his clients. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we believe in getting to know you, the client, so we can better understand your side of the story, what is important to you, and what goals you have for the case. We believe in planning for trial early, because we get the best results when we start with that mindset. Doing so helps us achieve better plea offers, if that is what you want, or perform best at trial. We believe in being prepared for either scenario. We tirelessly turn over every stone, often asking for additional evidence and bringing motions to compel the prosecution to provide additional evidence that may be favorable to the defense of your case.

After we examine all of the evidence, we will file a motion to dismiss if the law supports it, or motions to suppress evidence for any violations of your constitutional rights. These include, for example, search warrants, traffic stops, vehicle searches, entrapment, interrogation without a miranda warning, and more.

If the case does not get thrown out, then we seek a favorable plea offer for you, or take it to trial. You are a part of that decision with us. We are not afraid to go to trial and have uncommon trial experience through years of taking many cases to trial with many not guilty verdicts.

Also, we assist in identifying any issues that may have played a part in your charges. Examples include alcohol or drug addiction, mental health issues, anger, anxiety or depression, gambling, PTSD or ADHD, sex addiction and many others. We help match you up with reputable professionals that can assess any needs, make recommendations and provide services to help you heal. Doing so can help your outcome in court, and equally important, help you have a better future.

When you work with Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense you’ll get our best, every time. It doesn’t matter if you need a criminal defense attorney for a first time misdemeanor charge or a federal crimes attorney where you are facing life in prison, you’ll get the best defense from the best defense team— Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense.

DWI Attorney | Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense

As a top DWI attorney, Marie Pacyga has an impeccable reputation for getting the job done and achieving beneficial outcomes for her clients. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we take the same approach in the beginning, with DWI cases, as we would with any other criminal case. We examine and discuss all the evidence, all the facts, the reports, people involved from personnel to witnesses, and we analyze everything to decide which defense strategy will be successful.

We take a close look at police procedure, police reports, and police statements, and we try to poke holes anywhere we find a thin layer, where something doesn’t quite fit, sound right, or add up. If we can poke a large enough hole in police statements, police procedures, etc., then we will go to the prosecutor and request a dismissal.

If dismissal on those grounds isn’t immediately possible, then we will work to find errors, if any exist, with the police department’s collection or handling of their ‘evidence.’ In short, we will roll over every stone in search of either a means for dismissal of all charges, or evidence that supports our case and will help us win an acquittal if we go to trial.

When you work with Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense you’ll get our best, every time. It doesn’t matter if you need a criminal defense attorney for a first time misdemeanor charge or a federal crimes attorney for a very serious charge, you’ll get the best defense from the best defense team— Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense.

Not Guilty Verdicts And Dismissals

Trial Lawyers With A Record Of Success

Ryan Pacyga and his team have a record of success that few law firms can match. We are skilled trial lawyers who have achieved successful outcomes for clients facing complex legal problems. Our criminal defense attorneys have won not-guilty verdicts and dismissals in high-profile cases for clients accused of serious crimes including murder; criminal sexual conduct; controlled substance distribution, sale and possession; assault; terroristic threats/threats of violence; DWI; federal cases including federal controlled substance distribution, mail fraud, wire fraud, pharmaceutical and RICO charges; and more. Our reputation as effective trial lawyers can help resolve issues outside of court.

Attorneys Who Care About You

At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we not only care about your legal problem, we care about you as a person. We are committed to doing everything we can to improve your life inside and outside of court.

We understand that legal problems are often a symptom of other issues, like addiction/chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, or anger. Whenever possible, we will refer you to people and resources that can help you address the issues that are holding you back, so you can put your life in a better place and decrease the chances of future involvement in the criminal justice system.

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