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We Will Aggressively Defend You From Criminal Charges

At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we are far from strangers to the courtroom and criminal law. Our law firm has represented countless clients in Minneapolis and beyond for decades. As a result, we are well-known and highly respected in the legal community. When our attorneys walk into the courtroom, prosecutors know that their jobs will not be easy. We have a reputation for not-guilty verdicts and case dismissals. Our attorneys, private investigators and support staff gather every bit of evidence out there, from police reports to witness statements, to offer up in your defense.


What You Do After Being Charged Is Crucial

You’ve been charged for allegedly committing a criminal offense. You’re arrested, booked in jail and out on bail awaiting trial. Creating a strong defense to your charges starts with you. What you do now is more important than ever. First and foremost, do not speak with investigators or police, and call our firm for immediate representation. Think twice about what you say to friends and family. The less you speak about your case with anyone other than an attorney, the better. Anything you say could be brought up in court.

Self-incrimination is only doing the prosecution a favor. Finally, do not post about your case on social media, and follow the terms of your release. Let our attorneys do what we do best – protect you from criminal consequences and build the strongest defense possible.

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Is Your Loved One
In Jail?

If your loved one is behind bars for criminal charges, you must act quickly to get them quality representation. Be careful talking on the phone with your loved one in jail. Those calls are recorded and the prosecutors and police really do use those recordings against your loved one in their case.

Our attorneys will advise you and your loved one on what to do next and what to expect in the weeks that lie ahead. If we are hired, we can go visit your loved one at the jail and talk privately with them. We know local prosecutors and judges. We know what and whom you are up against. With decades of experience spent in Minnesota courtrooms, we will present the strongest defense possible to obtain the best possible outcome.