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Accusation of medical fraud can have serious consequences

Any criminal conviction can result in major penalties. However, if you are a caregiver or a medical provider in Minnesota, you realize that your career is at risk if you end up being charged with fraud. For this reason, it is critical that you consult an attorney right away if you are accused of engaging in health care fraud.

Fraud related to health care comes in various forms. For example, you could face charges of prescription fraud or of attaining false certification. In addition, authorities may accuse you of submitting fake medical insurance claims, for example.

Could your Minneapolis impaired driving charge be a felony?

In the hierarchy of what criminal offenses are the most serious, offenses that stem from driving often don't seem as serious as offenses that have victims, like theft or assault. As a result, some people think that any driving offense, even impaired driving charges, aren't very serious concerns.

These people may be in for a rude awakening when they wind up facing serious consequences and potentially even felony charges after an impaired driving arrest. While most impaired driving offenses in Minnesota result in misdemeanor charges, there are circumstances in which someone could face felony impaired driving charges.

Minneapolis man under suspicion of multiple felonies

A man in Hennepin County has been charged with multiple counts of voter fraud, according to local news sources. The 22-year-old Minneapolis man has been charged with 13 felonies and is currently being sought by police. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but it appears police have not yet caught up with the man. When they do, he will most likely be represented by a defense attorney in criminal court. 

According to the information provided by Minneapolis authorities, the man is believed to have signed as a witness for some 13 individuals casting absentee ballots for the 2018 election. Given the man was not a U.S. citizen at the time, he is believed to have signed using his father's name. This, of course, constitutes voter fraud, which is a felony under Minnesota law. 

Charges of felonies may result from physical attacks

A man in Minnesota was recently accused of punching another individual outside of a political rally in mid-October. He now faces a charge of felony assault in the third degree. However, like any other individuals accused of felonies, he is presumed innocent unless prosecutors can prove his guilt in a court of law.

In the recent case of alleged assault, police said they used video to pinpoint the 31-year-old man accused of attacking another individual at the rally. The man ended up surrendering to authorities on a recent Monday. He is now in jail on a bond of $40,000.

Disability fraud leads to guilty plea by former postal worker

A woman who used to serve as a Postal Service worker in Minnesota was accused of stealing disability benefits totaling over $100,000 paid to her by the federal government. The fraud that was alleged against her spanned the 3.5-plus years, leading up to May 2019. The woman has since pleaded guilty to the theft charge.

According to authorities, the woman admitted to taking part in dog-agility activities while simultaneously stealing disability benefits. Theft occurred in that she claimed that a job injury kept her from being able to work full time, which was not true. Still, she apparently convinced a doctor to declare she should limit her work efforts to a maximum of two hours' worth of sedentary activities each day.

11 in Minnesota face Medicaid fraud charges

Eleven people currently face criminal charges for allegedly scheming to steal from the Medicaid program in Minnesota. The 11 individuals who allegedly committed fraud are said to have attempted to steal over $800,000. According to authorities, these individuals were involved in nine separate fraud cases in the state involving Medicaid.

Both local police officers and the attorney general in Minnesota conducted the fraud investigations that led to the 11 individuals' recent arrests. The defendants face a variety of felony charges, including abetting/aiding theft and identify theft. In one case, two people who owned a home health care business are said to have stolen $260,000 from Minnesota's Medicaid program by seeking funds for services they did not provide and then paying clients who agreed to falsify their time sheets.

Fraud cases can seem to come out of nowhere for professionals

As a capitalist country, the United States often seems to value success over honesty. Many people will attempt to get ahead in business by engaging in what they may consider to be rule-bending practices that are federal or felony offenses.

Professionals in a wide range of industries, from the medical field to financial services, could find themselves facing serious accusations of fraud that seem to come out of nowhere. It is only through the discovery process and reviewing the state documentation for the case that you will learn how long the investigation has taken.

Man charged with multiple felonies following alleged shooting

A 25-year-old man in Minnesota was recently accused of committing multiple felony crimes. The felonies with which he has been charged are associated with a shooting that police said took place in early September. The reported shooting ended up harming a child and a woman.

According to police, multiple people got together at a home one day when a dispute broke out between two women who were roommates. The women's family members also engaged in the fight. Authorities said that one of the women's male cousins reportedly had a gun at the scene and was trying to defend the woman and his mom. Meanwhile, the family members associated with the other women were also at the home with a box cutter, bat and electroshock weapon in hand.

Man convicted on tax fraud charges in Minnesota

A boat dealership co-owner in Minnesota was recently convicted of engaging in fraudulent activity. Specifically, the court found that he defrauded the state's Department of Revenue. The conviction comes after the man entered a guilty plea to fraud charges in early September.

According to authorities, the man filed three phony tax returns while overseeing his company's financial and tax matters. The DOR began to investigate the man back in 2018 when it received information that he was neglecting to report all of his sales tax information. Following the tip, the government department seized financial documents after obtaining search warrants.

Feds investigate organizers of popular Twin Cities festival

The community celebrated when the organizers of St. Paul’s Grand Old Day announced the event would not, in fact, be cancelled for 2019, as they had initially announced. The revived festival went on to draw an estimated 200,000 guests when it was held in June, delighting supporters.

Little did revelers know, the group behind the long-running festival was under increasing scrutiny. A local investigation into the organization’s finances was already underway, and later that summer it would balloon into something much more.


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