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Grain elevator manager accused of fraud, tax evasion

A grain elevator manager in Minnesota has been accused of treating himself to safaris with the millions of dollars he allegedly stole from the company over a period of 15 years. However, he recently decided to surrender to federal officials after being formally charged with mail fraud and tax evasion. He will reportedly plead guilty to the crimes in mid-February.

According to federal officials, the 56-year-old man used his elevator company position to write himself and third parties checks that were phonily represented as being used to purchase operating expenses, such as corn and soybeans. After writing the checks to himself, he allegedly cashed them and used the money to renovate his home and a cabin used for hunting. He is also accused of using the money to cover the costs of all-terrain vehicles, jewelry and exotic trips.

2 men in Minnesota accused of committing felonies, misdemeanors

Two men in Minnesota, ages 34 and 30, were recently accused of committing serious crimes, including drug possession. They have also been charged with driving while intoxicated. Their arrests for committing both felonies and misdemeanors occurred following traffic stops by Minnesota State police.

According to authorities, a police officer stopped the men's truck at a little past 10 p.m. on a Thursday when he noticed that no light was illuminating their license plate. The officer reported that the 34-year-old man's eyes appeared to be glossy and that he had slurred speech. After completing four sobriety tests, he reportedly failed three of them. Police reported that they also found drugs in his car, and the additionally learned that there was a warrant out for his arrest for a charge of domestic assault. Police ended up arresting the man at the scene of the traffic stop.

3 women charged with fraud after allegedly stealing from charity

Three women in Minnesota have been accused of stealing money intended to help homeless individuals. They currently face fraud charges. According to federal prosecutors, the women pilfered thousands of dollars while working at Catholic Charities.

One of the women reportedly provided her Social Security number and name to a charity worker, who completed fake Internal Revenue Service forms as well as lease agreements. The worker then allegedly made it possible for the woman to receive checks. Over the course of 3.5 years, the woman reportedly stole nearly $36,000 from the charities.

2 individuals accused of committing felonies in Minnesota

Two individuals were recently arrested for allegedly committing several serious crimes in Minnesota. Specifically, they reportedly committed the felonies of assault, aggravated robbery and burglary. The two individuals facing these charges are a 38-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman.

According to police, a woman reported being assaulted by the 27-year-old woman outside of a bar at around 1:30 a.m. on a Saturday. A couple of hours later, police were called to the assaulted woman's home after she had reportedly been shot in the leg. The 38-year-old man allegedly shot the woman because she had reported the assault on the 27-year-old woman, who was apparently his cousin.

What constitutes white-collar crime?

While we often hear the term “white-collar crime” tossed about in the news, but what does it exactly mean?

White-collar crime most often refers to non-violent offenses most often motivated by greed. Many of the crimes are sophisticated, easy to conceal and difficult to track. That’s why there are special law enforcement officials who specialize in white collar crimes.

Man convicted of felonies, misdemeanors following fatal DWI crash

A man in Minnesota was accused earlier this year of killing an 8-year-old boy due to operating a snowmobile while intoxicated. A jury recently found the 45-year-old man guilty of the multiple felony and misdemeanor charges filed against him in connection with the accident. The felonies he was accused of committing include criminal vehicular homicide (two counts) and murder in the third degree. Meanwhile, the misdemeanors include driving while intoxicated and the criminal operation of a vehicle.

The accident apparently took place when the boy was putting up a portable ice house with his dad. The man suddenly struck the rear of the family's pickup truck with his snowmobile. The pickup then hit the boy and dragged him over the surface of a frozen lake.

Former school superintendent accused of white collar crimes

A previous superintendent in Minnesota has been charged with embezzling public money. However, he was also recently accused of bribery. Still, like other people who are accused of committing white collar crimes, he is deemed innocent unless his guilt can be proved in a court of law.

According to prosecutors, the former chief of schools solicited a construction firm to renovate his home. He also allegedly managed to use his position to cover his personal travel expenses. In addition, the man reportedly took advantage of his position to go to sporting events.

Charges of felonies, misdemeanors may stem from alleged assault

A man in Minnesota was recently accused of striking the face of a legislative candidate while they were discussing politics on a Friday night. The man now faces both felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the incident. However, just because a person is formally accused of felonies or misdemeanors does not mean that he or she is automatically guilty. Instead, the person is presumed innocent unless and until his or her guilt is proved in a court of law.

Authorities said that the man, 53 years old, was at a bar at the time of the incident. While sitting on a bar stool, he was reportedly talking politics with a House candidate. During their discussion, the man on the bar stool allegedly punched the candidate after the candidate apparently made comments regarding the middle class.

Students continue to turn to study drugs for illegal enhancements

Fall semester coursework is just over halfway complete for students in the Twin Cities, which generally means the toughest and most extensive work is yet to come. As the holidays approach, so do final exams, group projects, papers and other semester-end work.

Students face an increasing workload with equally inclined stress levels. Many students will choose to handle this increased pressure in productive ways, such as joining a study group, seeking an instructor’s help or spending more time in the libraries. Unfortunately, these are not the only types of study strategies used by students on campuses across the country, including those in Minneapolis.

Woman in Minnesota accused of white collar crimes

A woman was recently charged with embezzlement at a Minnesota restaurant. According to authorities, she stole over $27,000. However, just because people are accused of committing white collar crimes does not mean that they are automatically guilty. Instead, they are always presumed innocent until and unless their guilt can be proved in a court of law.

In the recent embezzlement case, authorities said that the woman whom they arrested for embezzlement had been forging checks at the restaurant since November of 2016. They made the arrest after the owner of the restaurant reportedly discovered things that appeared odd on a bank statement. Police said that the business owner eventually learned that her bookkeeper had written checks to both herself and her daughter, despite the fact that her daughter was not an employee of the eatery.


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