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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Blog

Federal agents investigate Minnesota business for fraud

Federal officials recently reported that they have been conducting a major investigation into companies that they believe were part of a scheme involving immigrants. One of these companies, the pork-producing Christensen Farms, is located in Minnesota. The individuals being targeted by federal agents in Minnesota are said to have committed the crimes of both money laundering and fraud.

According to authorities, the businesses being investigated knowingly hired immigrants and then mistreated them. The immigrants who were reportedly taken advantage of were brought into the United States illegally. As part of the investigation, authorities served search warrants at Christensen Farms' Minnesota headquarters and at its facility used for truck washing in a separate Minnesota city. Warrants were also served at the slaughterhouse's producer plant in another state.

Man charged with DWI-related felonies

A man in Minnesota currently faces felony charges related to drinking and driving. The man is also accused of impersonating a police officer. However, those facing criminal charges for felonies in Minnesota are always presumed innocent until and unless their guilt is proved in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.

A deputy was apparently informed at about 2:23 a.m. on a recent Tuesday that an individual was pretending to be another deputy. Authorities said that according to the complainant, the man impersonating an officer was drunk and was driving along Highway 4. When police found the man, he reportedly tried to evade them. Police said the man ended up driving through the backyards of several homes before stopping near a shed.

Copyright infringement can be costly

The newest episode of your favorite TV show was leaked onto the internet a week before it is scheduled to air. Everyone is watching it online. The previous episode ended with a cliff-hanger and you are eager to see how the plot continues. You find the episode online and enjoy it for free. What you may or not be aware of is you also just committed a crime.


Criminal defense may help those facing drug-related felonies

A 35-year-old man was recently arrested in Minnesota in connection with a serious drug crime. He now faces a felony drug charge. Anyone charged with felonies in Minnesota has the right to vigorously defend themselves against these types of charges.

The recent arrest took place following a months-long police investigation of the man. Police said that, at about 4 p.m. on the day of the arrest, they saw the man leaving a house with a tiny bag. The man then reportedly got into a car that another man was driving. Officers followed the motor vehicle and ended up pulling it over.

Former superintendent accused of committing white collar crimes

A former school superintendent in Minnesota stepped down from his post after facing accusations of making personal purchases with district money. However, he now faces brand-new charges of theft, unauthorized access to a computer and computer damage. However, like him, anyone facing white collar crimes in Minnesota is always presumed innocent unless his or her guilt can be proved in a court of law.

The former superintendent resigned back in June of last year when he was being investigated for utilizing district funds for personal use. However, he received a severance package of $50,000 from the school district first. Authorities said they eventually discovered that he had spent thousands of the district's dollars on personal items.

Felonies in Minnesota include stealing cash from ATM

A woman in Minnesota has been accused of pilfering more than $40,000 from an automated teller machine at her former place of employment -- a gas station. She now faces a felony charge of theft via swindling as a result. However, those charged with felonies in Minnesota retain the right to fight these charges vigorously in the criminal justice system.

According to authorities, the woman told police she had been taking cash from the automated teller machine deposits for almost a year. This was reportedly done to support the woman's heroin addiction. The woman's arrest took place following the completion of a police sting operation in May.

Man to be sentenced for robbery felonies

A man in Minnesota recently admitted that he had committed several armed robberies. He will receive a prison sentence for some of these felonies in July. The 18-year-old man will be sentenced to five years and 10 months behind bars.

The robberies occurred in three separate areas of a city in late October of 2017. They took place from 2:18 a.m. to 6:08 a.m. According to authorities, the man used a knife and a handgun to rob other individuals. The man's victims had their purses, cell phones and wallets taken. Nobody was hurt during the robberies.

5 Common Types Of Healthcare Fraud

Fraud is a form of white collar crime that has nearly countless types and methods. In the healthcare industry, however, these allegations can be troublesome as there are stacks of documentation and numerous departments that need to be investigated and thoroughly defended through the legal process.

Stiff penalties are in place for those who commit fraud

Being taken into custody for fraudulent activity in Minnesota can understandably be unsettling. Fortunately, those accused of fraud have the right to defend themselves vigorously in criminal court. Several types of fraud charges are possible, with one of them being insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud essentially involves making false claims to insurance companies. For instance, perhaps an individual claims that a certain item was stolen or lost, even though this is untrue. Another example is attempting to get an injury suffered during vacation covered by an employer's workers' compensation.

Minnesota grandmother faces murder charges and more

If you drive south of Minneapolis for about an hour and a half, you'll come to Blooming Prairie. The small southern Minnesota town has a population of about 2,000, but it has received outsized attention in recent days.

The town is home to Lois Riess, the grandmother and gambler who is accused by law enforcement officials of murder. The case has received nationwide media coverage.


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