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Defending Minnesota Clients Against Fourth-Degree DWI Charges

A DWI arrest can seem like a nightmare. If convicted, you can be sentenced to stiff fines and/or jail time. You can lose your right to drive for months, years or, in some cases, forever. Depending on your blood alcohol level, your vehicle can be confiscated – even on a first offense. A DWI can result in higher insurance rates and fewer job options. It can jeopardize your personal and professional lives.

Don’t Give Up: Call Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested for driving while impaired (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), do not give up and do not plead guilty without first speaking to an experienced Minnesota DWI defense lawyer. A Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense attorney is available to speak with you right now. Call us at 612-474-5420 any hour of the day or night. Our criminal defense lawyers are here to help.

Just because you blew 0.08 or above on a breath test does not mean you are automatically guilty of driving while impaired. Our DWI attorneys have helped hundreds of people just like you avoid the harsh penalties associated with drunk driving charges.

We will attack the criminal charges against you with the goal of getting the case dismissed or the charges reduced. Our defense lawyers will work to protect your right to drive and minimize the negative consequences to your driving record.

To learn more about our DWI defense practice, please visit the following pages:

  • Driver’s license revocation: Unless you take steps to fight it, your driver’s license will be automatically revoked after an arrest for DWI.
  • Felony DWI: A felony on your record can negatively affect all areas of your life.
  • First DWI: It is important to fight your first DWI to avoid more severe penalties if you are ever arrested again for driving under the influence.
  • Ignition interlock: We can help accelerate the process of enrolling in the ignition interlock program, work to avoid the use of an ignition interlock device entirely or minimize the amount of time it must be installed.
  • Multiple DWIs: Consequences for conviction become increasingly harsh with every DWI arrest.
  • DWI and implied consent: If you do not address this aspect of your case, a DWI can remain on your driving record forever – even if you are never convicted of DWI in criminal court.
  • Vehicular homicide: We will defend you against these charges whether or not circumstances included a DWI arrest.
  • Criminal vehicular operation: If you injured another person while driving, you may face this charge.

Our DWI defense attorneys regularly take DWI cases to court and get the charges against our clients dismissed or reduced.

Dedicated To DWI Defense

Attorney Ryan Pacyga has dedicated his entire practice to defending clients charged with driving while impaired, criminal vehicular operation and criminal vehicular homicide. He understands the science involved in DWI cases. He knows how to challenge the evidence against our clients, how to question the validity of the DWI stop, and how to achieve positive results. He teaches continuing legal education classes for other lawyers on DWI defense.