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Those facing federal weapons charges will likely receive harsh penalties upon conviction. Federal crimes carry stiff consequences that might include fines and significant prison time. It is wise to seek the representation of an experienced defense lawyer who understands your charge and the penalties you face. 

 Things can get especially nasty if you’re charged with 18 USC 924(c) (using or possessing firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking or crimes of violence), or the Armed Career Criminal Act.  

 At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, our attorneys will explain how federal law applies to your specific case, as well as the legal defense options available to you. It is our goal to limit the impact that a conviction has on you, your family and your future. 

We understand the devastating impact a criminal conviction can have on you and your entire family. Trust us to fight to minimize your consequences through negotiation with the prosecutors and defending you in court.

Typically, federal weapons charges fall into one of two main categories: 

  • Felon in possession: With three prior crimes of violence or controlled substance offenses on your record, you could face a minimum sentence of 15 years to a maximum of life in prison if convicted. 
  • Possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime: In a crime of violence or a drug trafficking offense, possession of a firearm or discharging the firearm can lead to mandatory consecutive prison sentences with minimum sentences ranging from five years to 10 years depending on various circumstances. Subsequent convictions can result in longer sentences. 

There are defenses to these charges, and Ryan Pacyga has succeeded in having these charges thrown out for an illegal vehicle search. Our firm also understands how to litigate DNA matters and other issues such as search warrants, pat down searches and a variety of other challenges.

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