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Defending Clients Facing Federal Human Trafficking Charges

A human trafficking conviction can result in severe penalties such as large fines, extensive prison time, and more. You need a skilled defense firm on your side from the start to shield you from these devastating consequences and to protect your future. 

It is critical that you work quickly to protect yourself when facing serious federal charges. Our firm has a history of defending clients in Minnesota and throughout the United States who are facing life-changing offenses.

Attorneys at Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense have decades of experience in criminal law. While our main office is in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, we are prepared to represent clients throughout the state and have experience handling cases across the nation. 

Human trafficking laws are severe, and a conviction will likely be life-altering in numerous ways. In fact, even human trafficking allegations can mean the end of a career, a devastated reputation and a person’s professional and personal lives in ruins. Our lawyers are dedicated to negotiating with the prosecutors or fighting for you in court from start to finish. 

Accusations of human trafficking can be taken far out of context by both the media and federal prosecutors. It is our goal to defend you against these charges while protecting your family, your livelihood and your future. In many federal charges, there is usually an extensive investigation that uses countless work hours. Law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office have devoted significant resources to building a strong case against you. You need the same level of tenacity and training fighting on your side. 

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Whether your case involves human trafficking geared toward depriving an individual of his or her personal liberty to obtain forced labor or services, or sex trafficking where the services are typically prostitution, you need a strong team on your side. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, you will find a team dedicated to protecting you throughout the legal process. Use our online form or call 612-474-5420  to reach us.