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Experienced Minnesota Lawyers Defending Federal Crimes And Conspiracies 

Not many lawyers have won in federal court. Ryan Pacyga has. Ryan Pacyga and his team won a 46-count federal trial, and have also succeeded in getting multiple federal cases dismissed including firearms and fraud cases. In addition, Ryan Pacyga and his team have succeeded in getting more serious charges dismissed including but not limited to conspiracy to distribute narcotics and other serious charges. Our team has also succeeded on federal appeal. And in cases where clients choose to plead guilty, we have succeeded in avoiding 10 and 20 year mandatory minimum sentences and have also obtained downward variances for our clients, helping them get sentences well below the federal sentencing guidelines. 

Federal crimes are generally more serious than crimes charged in state courts. And the penalties in federal cases are generally more harsh – there are many offenses which carry a mandatory sentence of five, ten or even twenty years in prison. Many crimes can be charged in either state OR federal court and the consequences of being charged in federal court are serious. 

Although there are literally thousands of crimes which can be charged in federal courts, federal prosecutors generally focus on drug offenses involving large quantities of drugs, firearms crimes, health care fraud, wire and mail fraud, money laundering or bank fraud and other white collar crimes, as well as child pornography. Because federal court rules, procedures, laws and sentencing are significantly different from state court, it is important to have an attorney with experience in federal court. Ryan Pacyga leads our federal practice group – he has worked for many years defending people against federal offenses, in various areas of the nation including serious appeals. 

Here’s an example of a successful result Ryan Pacyga obtained in federal court: Click Here 

If you are currently facing charges in federal court, or are under investigation by any federal agency and may face charges, this is a very serious and dangerous situation. It is essential that a federal criminal charge is managed by a defense lawyer with a great depth of understanding of the system, and extensive experience in defending cases in the federal court system. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we defend people and corporations throughout the USA in all federal courts and have appeared in several federal courts across the nation. 

How Do I Know If I Am Dealing With A Federal Crime?

Federal crimes are usually investigated by agents of the FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service and IRS. So if someone from one of those agencies has contacted you, it is likely that you are being investigated for a federal crime. Sometimes local police work along with federal agents, too, so this isn’t the only way to tell. 

Federal crimes are prosecuted by an assistant United States attorney. If you have been indicted or received a summons from a U.S. District Court, it is a federal matter. In addition, some crimes can start in state court and then transfer over to the federal court. The crimes typically consist of a set of numbers and letters, for example: 21 USC or 18 USC. Our experience has helped steer a few clients clear of the feds taking a case against our clients. 

What Should I Do If I Have Been Contacted By A Federal Agent Or Subpoenaed To Testify Before A Federal Grand Jury?

There are many potential pitfalls to communicating with federal agents or testifying before a federal grand jury. Sometimes it is the best thing to do, but before you make that decision, you should have a wise, experienced federal criminal defense lawyer advise and counsel you on the decision. Doing so helps assure that you make the best decision for you, your business and your family. We are here to advise you of the advantages and disadvantages in doing so, and in some cases, attorney Ryan Pacyga has been able to obtain immunity for clients who decided to provide information during an investigation and avoid an indictment for them. 

What Are The Common Federal Criminal Cases That Your Firm Handles?

We commonly handle conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, firearms violations, wire fraud, mail fraud, violent crimes and murders, bank robberies, child pornography, Hobbs Act, and other white collar crimes… Read more. 

Should I Work With Federal Authorities To Mitigate My Case?

Every situation is unique and every case is unique. There are times where it’s absolutely advantageous to work with federal authorities and there are times when that can be very harmful to your situation. What is most helpful is to have an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who knows how to work through each case and can have a dialogue with the U.S. attorney to determine what your exposure is, and try to broker a cooperation agreement … Read more.