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Compassionate, Holistic Representation Against Internet Sex Charges

In today’s world, it is not difficult to locate with one click any type of image or video on the internet. You may come across images while doing a search or by clicking on an ad. In some cases, a virus or hackers may have used your IP address to gain “back door” access to pornography sites. 

Other cases involve a person perusing dating sites or prostitution sites, and law enforcement does a sting where they create a false ad in an area that requires posters to be age 18 or above, but then they pressure the person to agree to meet a 17 year old who is really an adult police officer. 

And yes, there are certainly cases where someone, whether it is a curious high school kid or an adult, who become addicted to child pornography and struggle with that addiction. Some of those people even have underlying issues such as Asperger’s syndrome or other conditions where they relate to people that are younger ages than they are.  

If you are suspected of an internet sex crime or have been arrested or charged, it is time to seek legal counsel. We can help. Speak to the team at Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense in the Twin Cities about what happened. Call 612-474-5420 to speak with someone 24/7 every day of the year. 

What Is An Internet Sex Crime?

Law enforcement has upped its resources to locate and charge those who have downloaded or viewed illegal pornography on the web. Illegal images and videos include photographs and videos. The charges can range from possession to distribution to production, and you can be charged in state or federal court.  

Internet sex charges can include sexual solicitations with minors and conspiracy crimes. It is in your best interest to understand the charges and your rights. We can help you do this. As attorneys with extensive experience in Minnesota criminal defense charges, including criminal sexual behavior, we can also advise you on your strongest defense path as well as get you the help you need if you are struggling with sexual addictions. 

How Does Law Enforcement Know What I’ve Been Looking At?

Law enforcement will often get a “cyber” tip and will follow that up with a search warrant at your home and seize all of your electronic devices. Police can obtain search warrants to view your devices. 

What If I’ve Admitted I’m Guilty After Police Raided My Home?

If law enforcement raids your home they will try to interview you right then and there. Sometimes people admit to possessing child pornography in that interview. We can still help. If you are in this position, we can help you get the help you need to end this struggle, and also help advocate for you in the courtroom.  

Get Professional Legal Representation Before It’s Too Late

Speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Get the information and direction you need to prevent incriminating yourself. A conviction can negatively impact your life. You improve your chances to obtain a favorable outcome with quality representation. Call  or send us an inquiry email from a safe device. Our accomplished criminal defense team represents clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, throughout Minnesota and all over the United States.