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When Investment Operations Are Charged As Fraudulent

A Ponzi scheme is any investment where investors are paid out of the investor’s own money. Ponzi schemes are white collar crimes because they are typically not violent and are oftentimes managed by those who wear suits and work in the finance industry.

If you are charged with investment fraud, operating a Ponzi scheme or any type of white collar crime, you need experienced legal representation. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we have the resources, know-how and financial and criminal law acumen needed to effectively defend against these charges.

How Ponzi Schemes Are Different

Ponzi schemes are charged differently than other crimes such as theft for several reasons. First, these crimes are not crimes of opportunity but are purported to be “premeditated.” This means the perpetrator had a plan all along to defraud investors and then followed through on this plan. Second, Ponzi schemes typically do not involve physical altercations, drugs or weapons of any kind. Third, a Ponzi scheme charge is different than other criminal charges because this charge is in violation of federal laws and is therefore charged at the federal level. Ponzi schemes can be connected to other white collar charges such as RICO/racketeering and different types of financial fraud.

What Is At Stake For A Guilty Verdict

If found guilty of operating a Ponzi scheme, you can face five, 10 or more years in a federal penitentiary. In many cases, the FBI, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other governmental agencies will also investigate. This can result in several different types of charges. It is in your best interest to immediately consult with an attorney who has experience defending against Ponzi schemes and related charges. To protect yourself, it is advised to have your attorney present any time you speak with investigators. Do not phone, email, text or in any other way communicate with family, friends or associates if you are under investigation or suspect you are being surveilled. Instead, contact an attorney.

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