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Representing Clients Facing Health Care Fraud Charges

While nearly all criminal convictions can lead to severe penalties, medical professionals and caregivers understand that their very careers are at stake when they face charges centering on health care fraud. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we act quickly to protect our clients and help them protect their future. When you need a strong, aggressive defense attorney in your corner, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.

Since 2002, Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense has stood by clients in Minneapolis, throughout Minnesota and across the country. We understand the devastation that can be caused by a criminal conviction and our lawyers fight to protect our clients facing federal crimes.

As a category, health care fraud can encompass numerous topics. We are prepared to defend clients facing charges centering on:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Submitting false claims
  • Overbilling for Medicaid or Medicare
  • Billing unbundled services
  • Billing ghost patients
  • Billing for services not provided
  • Anti-kickback violations
  • Allegations of false certification
  • Diverting controlled substances or prescription medication

From billing fraud to medication fraud, our law firm is prepared to fight for you. We have successfully defended clients facing these same issues in the past. Trust us to have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face and the legal options available to you.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Defense Attorney

Whether your case centers on Medicare or Medicaid, it is crucial that you put a strong, effective team on your side. At Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, you will find a team dedicated to protecting you throughout the legal process. Call us at 612-474-5420 or use our online form.