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Strong Defense Against Third-Degree DWI Charges In Minnesota

Your first DWI was a fluke. No one judges your character, because most people in Minnesota understand how few drinks it takes to hit the legal limit of .08. As it is a misdemeanor offense, you face limited consequences outside of the criminal justice system.

But a second DWI? All bets are off. The law no longer looks upon you favorably. No one is willing to cut you some slack and offer you opportunities to limit the consequences you face. That is why it is so important to work with a lawyer who will stand up for you.

Call A Lawyer Who Will Fight For You. Call Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense.

Here at Ryan Pacyga Criminal Defense, we don’t judge our clients. In fact, we firmly believe in innocent until proven guilty. We also believe that a single mistake should not cause a laundry list of lifelong consequences. Our DWI defense lawyers, led by attorney Ryan Pacyga, will do everything in our power to attack the charges against you and help you avoid the numerous consequences you face.

A First DWI With Aggravating Factors

Most first drunk driving offenses result in fourth-degree DWI charges. But it is possible to face the increased penalties of a third-degree DWI charge for a first-offense DWI. This occurs in two separate situations.

First, your first DWI charge immediately jumps up to the third degree if you refuse to take a chemical test. This includes a breath test, blood test or urine test. This is because Minnesota has an implied consent law, which assumes that anyone who operates a vehicle has already consented to chemical testing. Refusal to take a test is breaking the implied consent law.

Second, you can face third-degree DWI charges in situations where the police find an aggravating factor present at the time of your first DWI. Those factors include:

  • Chemical test refusal (breath test, blood test or urine test)
  • BAC level of .16 or greater
  • The presence of a child 16 years age or younger in the vehicle

We Won’t Give You The Third Degree For A Third-Degree DWI

The last thing you need at this moment is a lawyer who won’t listen to you or address your concerns. That is why you should turn to our DWI defense team for supportive, experienced representation. We will identify what matters most to you at this time and then put our resources to work in reaching your goals, avoiding conviction and limiting consequences.

Learn more about our services by calling us at 612-474-5420. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. You may also send us an email to determine how our Minneapolis-based law firm can be of service to you.