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Murder defense: Strategies for legal protection

Murder cases are among the most serious and complex legal matters one can face. With one’s stakes incredibly high, the need for a robust defense strategy cannot be overstated. Suppose an individual has been charged with murder. In that case, they should explore the...

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Preliminary DWI screening is separate from chemical testing

If a Minnesota police officer suspects you of intoxication while driving, he or she might make a traffic stop. To make a lawful arrest, the officer must first establish probable cause. This means that he or she must establish evidence to substantiate the claim that...

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How long is a license suspension after a DWI conviction?

A judge who is hearing a driving while intoxicated (DWI) case in Minnesota can sentence a defendant to many different penalties if the defendant pleads guilty or is convicted. They can put someone in jail or require that they complete a period of probation. They can...

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Accused of identity theft by a relative or friend?

In Minnesota and throughout the country, using someone’s private information, such as a Social Security Number (SSN) or tax ID, may be grounds for prosecution in a criminal court. Even if you are unaware at the time that information you have used belongs to someone...

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Facing DUI charges following a breath test?

There are several circumstances in which a Minnesota police officer might ask you to submit to a test that detects alcohol on your breath or determines the blood alcohol content (BAC) level in your bloodstream. Such requests often occur during a traffic stop or after...

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When does a DWI lead to vehicle forfeiture?

In Minnesota, a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge can lead to penalties such as fines, surcharges, license suspensions and even a prison sentence. But under certain circumstances, you can also lose your car as part of the punishment. When does this administrative...

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Do sex workers have rights in Minnesota?

The majority of women in sex work are in it because it pays the bills and more. Occasionally, it allows them to earn more than a day job. But working in prostitution comes with a lot of dangers. As prostitution remains illegal in Minnesota, sex workers have no rights...

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