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Man Accused Of Committing Drug-Related Felonies

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Felonies, Firm News

A man in Minnesota has been accused of committing a serious drug crime. He now faces charges of felonies following police’s alleged discovery of methamphetamine in his home. However, the 23-year-old man is presumed innocent until and unless his guilt is proved in a court of law.

Police said they stopped the man’s car on a Tuesday afternoon after learning that he was driving with a revoked license. They then executed a search warrant on the man and his car. Authorities said they ended up discovering what appeared to be methamphetamine in a couple of small plastic bags.

Police then went to the man’s home to conduct a search, and there, they reportedly found three large bags containing what they suspected was methamphetamine as well. Authorities determined that the large bags contained three pounds of the drug. They also allegedly uncovered more than a thousand dollars, digital scales, scoop spoons and a loaded handgun magazine. The man now faces charges such as committing an aggravated first-degree drug crime and first-degree drug possession.

When an individual is accused of committing felonies, it is within his or her right to go to trial to aggressively fight these charges. No conviction can be handed down against the defendant unless the prosecution can prove every element of the charges filed against him or her — a feat that is often difficult to achieve. An attorney in Minnesota will look for holes in the prosecution’s argument in an effort to achieve the most favorable result for the defendant.