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Man Sentenced To Prison For Felonies, Namely Robberies

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Felonies, Firm News

A man who robbed automobile parts stores in Minnesota was recently sentenced to two decades behind bars. The sentence came in federal court after he was convicted on six robberies in the state. However, people who are accused of these types of felonies are always presumed innocent unless prosecutors can prove that they are guilty in court.

The man who was recently sentenced to prison for committing multiple robberies apparently went on a robbery spree that ended in November of 2017. Authorities said the 33-year-old man targeted automobile parts stores in Minnesota over the course of several months. The man then allegedly committed several other robberies in two other states.

The man ended up being found guilty of robbery in February. At his trial, the prosecution recommended that he receive a sentence close to the maximum sentence possible. In addition to being ordered to spend time behind bars, he has been charged restitution totaling around $11,500.

When people are charged with felonies, like robberies, they have a couple of options. First, they can go to trial to defend themselves against the charges, and second, they can seek to negotiate plea agreements with the prosecution. At trial, the prosecution has to be able to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt — which can be a difficult feat — before any conviction is rendered. However, seeking a plea deal may be advantageous if the prosecution appears to have strong evidence to present at trial. Either way, an attorney will push for the best outcome for the client given the nature of the criminal charges filed against him or her in Minnesota.