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11 In Minnesota Face Medicaid Fraud Charges

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Firm News, Fraud

Eleven people currently face criminal charges for allegedly scheming to steal from the Medicaid program in Minnesota. The 11 individuals who allegedly committed fraud are said to have attempted to steal over $800,000. According to authorities, these individuals were involved in nine separate fraud cases in the state involving Medicaid.

Both local police officers and the attorney general in Minnesota conducted the fraud investigations that led to the 11 individuals’ recent arrests. The defendants face a variety of felony charges, including abetting/aiding theft and identify theft. In one case, two people who owned a home health care business are said to have stolen $260,000 from Minnesota’s Medicaid program by seeking funds for services they did not provide and then paying clients who agreed to falsify their time sheets.

In another case, a personal care provider reportedly submitted time sheets for services he did not provide. The man ended up receiving about $6,500 from the state as a result. Individuals from other states were also recently arrested for fraud as a result of a crackdown in this area by federal and state authorities.

The individuals who have been accused of Medicaid fraud are presumed innocent until prosecutors can prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard is in place with the aim of protecting innocent people from going to prison for crimes they did not commit. A criminal defense attorney will look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument with the goal of achieving the most personally favorable outcome for the client in Minnesota.