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How To Remove A B Card Restriction

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2020 | Firm News

In Minnesota, people with at least three DWI’s in their lifetime may have a “B Card” restriction on their driver’s license. What that means is that the DMV has placed an alcohol restriction on your driver’s license. If you’re caught consuming ANY amount of alcohol, whether you’re driving or not, you will lose your driving privileges. The idea behind the B Card is that the DMV thinks it’s a way to motivate people with multiple DWI’s to stop drinking by allowing them to keep their driving privileges and threatening to take the privilege away if you consume alcohol.

The problem with a B Card is that many restaurants will not permit you to enter their premises if you have a B Card, even if you do not drink alcohol. So if you want to join your friends at a local restaurant to watch a football game, you can’t if you have a B Card, even if you’re only drinking water.

Finally, Minnesota has cleared the way for some people. If you demonstrate at least 10 years of sobriety, you can fill out a form to begin the application process to remove your B Card restriction.